Setting Realistic Goals

Does the New Year come round and you feel inspired and prepared to set amazing goals you want to achieve for the year and then around March you start to realise that maybe these goals are starting to slip by the wayside. Cut to November and you haven’t really completed anything you set out to […]

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Top Productive Planners

I love to be organised, however even in this fast-paced digital world where we live our lives online I feel there is no substitute for a handwritten planner. I simply cannot get by without starting each year with a fresh planner and over the years I have tried my fair share so thought I would […]

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Baby Hunt 2.0 Week 22

How far along: 22 weeks 6 days Baby H2.0: Weighs 430 g and is 27.8 cm from crown to rump, and is about the size of a coconut. Gender: Baby Hunt 2.0 is a GIRL!!! Weight gain:+ 3 kg since we found out, my weight is down a little bit from last week. Sleep: Enjoying getting as much sleep […]

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Surviving the Silly Season

Survive the Silly Season

Are you one of those people that seems to lose all your inhibitions the minute December hits and struggle to get through the month without spending mornings in the fog of a hangover from the previous night. Perhaps you struggle with anxiety and the expectations that society, family and friends place on us at this […]

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End the year on a High Note!

End 2018 on a high note

Now that we have started December, are you only just holding on to your regular schedule by your fingertips and daydreaming of those beautiful 2 weeks off work over the Christmas and New Year period where you can rest, relax and recharge? Side note, I don’t get time off over Christmas with my job. Usually, […]

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Baby Hunt 2.0 Week 21

How far along: 21 weeks 6 days Baby H2.0: Weighs 360 g and is 26.7 cm from crown to rump, about the size of an Endive, Baby Hunt 2.0 had a growth spurt this week. Gender: Baby Hunt 2.0 is a GIRL!!! Weight gain:+ 4 kg since we found out, my weight is starting to creep up and […]

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Thoughtful Gift Idea’s

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the time for giving but often that giving spirit can cause undue stress and anxiety as well as merriment and cheer. We spend so much time searching for the right gift and spending ridiculous amounts of money when in reality all that person wanted was to spend time talking, laughing and enjoying your […]

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