Hello! Thanks for stopping by, my name is Georgia and I am one half of the Hunts. I originally started this blog back in 2011 in the lead up to my wedding. Since then ohhhhh so much has changed and this blog has changed along with it.

This blog is my creative outlet for everything I can think of, I post everything under the sun from DIY’s and recipes, book reviews, blog advice, how to’s, daily musings and everything to do with being a Hunt.


Let me introduce myself properly and then I will get to the rest of our little family.

my name is georgia 2

My name is Georgia Hunt

I work full time as a shopping centre manager and document my life on this blog as a hobby so you could say I am fairly busy.

I consider myself a feminist and am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough and work hard enough you can achieve anything.

I know from personal experience that a positive outlook on life can help over come anything.

I consider myself perpetually happy, strong willed, confident and loved.

So why do I blog I hear you ask?

Well I want to share my life story with the world (or perhaps my small little corner of the internet) in hopes that I can help inspire someone out there to one day make the most important decision of their lives, becoming vegan and living a compassion filled and cruelty free existence.

I also want to learn and experience as much as I can in this life and share it with as many people as I can because isn’t that what life’s about?

Unfortunately I would like to experience as much as I can but I also have to maintain a full time job and pay off a mortgage, so you wont find any amazing spur of the moment jet setting across the globe posts but you will find affordable, enjoyable and relateble posts which at the end of the day is more enjoyable to read anyway (well that’s what I think but I may be biased).

Want to know a bit more about me?

  • I’m a 27 year old Aries
  • The eldest of 4 daughters
  • A one time almost golf prodigy (I had natural talent!)
  • I was diagnosed with kidney failure at 12 years old
  • I hope to one day run /  walk a marathon
  • I am a lover of Disney, Glitter, Pizza, Audrey Hepburn, Thunderstorms, Good Books, Soy Milk Chai Lattes, Positive Attitudes, Wood Fires, Lazy Day TV Marathons, Pearls, Good Manners and Sushi.
  • I cannot stand Heatwaves, Bad Language, Mushrooms, Sunburn, Scary Movies, Spiders and Heights.

If there is anything else you are curious about you can always just ask me after all I am a pretty open book and isn’t that the whole point of a blog.

Lets get back to the rest of the Hunts shall we….

Gold-Dots-1000x400This is Dylan Hunt.

My husband of almost 4 years, my best friend, my partner in crime, my ride or die.

He works full time as a general labourer, you won’t hear too much from him on this blog but he may answer some questions for a post from time to time.

Want to know more about him?

  • He’s a 28 year old Taurus
  • A middle child
  • Sports fanatic which means our weekends usually revolve around watching NFL, AFL, Cricket and tennis or me sitting on the side lines watching him play in a local league of all the above.
  • He loves the Jacksonville Jags, Port Adelaide Power, the beach, the river, wakeboarding, bodyboarding and most things outdoors.
  • He can’t stand scary movies, spending too much money, bad drives and time wasters.

On to our beautiful FURBABIES….

Harley Hunt

Our oldest fur baby at 4 years old, he is a complete and utter mummies boy. A Lab x Great Dane x Ridgeback he is a bit of a mutt, with a lab face, a extended ridge and a tail that could give you a bruise Harley is my beautiful big boy.

Balthazar Hunt

The second oldest fur baby and a inside only fur baby he is the most spoilt. Being a Rag-doll he has a bit of an attitude about him and expects us to come running at his every beckoning call (I suppose its our fault for always running). Bsiz is my prince.

Clyde Hunt

Clyde is our youngest and a rescue that we saved from the other side of the country. An apparent Great Dane x, he never really got that big (thankfully) so we are not too sure what bred he actually is, all we know is he is an absolute trouble maker, a klutz and a eternal puppy. Clyde is my baby boy.

Welcome to our life…..


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