Hello and welcome to The Hunt Life.

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This blog started back in 2011 when I was planning my wedding, since then so much has changed as has the direction of The Hunt Life.

After a life changing trip to Tasmania, my husband and I have decided that it is time for a complete sea change. After budgeting and planning we have put together a 3 year plan to completely pay off our current mortgage and be debt free before we move.

Don’t save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving. – Warren Buffet

This blog now focuses mainly on budgeting tips, frugal living advice, healthy recipes, weekly shopping plans, monthly budgeting plans, life coaching advice, mum hacks, positive affirmations, book club reviews, weekend recaps, weight loss updates, budget home decor, plus more of the same that you have come to know and love.

About Me

Hello I’m Georgia!


I am a Mother, wife , fur mother and in my spare moments I work full time as shopping centre manager. After struggling with a cohesive work-life balance I realised I was focusing to much on work and my health was struggling.

I took a step back and re-evaluated my life, it was then that I realised I could still have it all as long as planned my life out and put in the effort. This blog is a space for me to help inspire others to strive for the perfect balanced lifestyle.

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently. – Marie Forleo

I appreciate you taking them time to stop by and look forward to connecting with you. If you would like to work with me please contact me via email at the-hunt-life[@]outlook.com or through my social media pages.






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