Celebrate Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Traditionally Valentine’s Day is about celebrating and spoiling your significant other but I think its about time we start really celebrating the one true hero around here. Ourselves!

Whether you are in a relationship, single, friends with benefits, not really sure what is going on, not into labels or just seeing where things take you. Your relationship or sex life doesn’t need a special day, lets put all that energy into validating yourself and your accomplishments.

We all know how important it is to practice self-love and self-acceptance so let’s us Valentine’s Day as another chance to look after ourselves and really spend time checking in on where we are and how things are going mentally, healthwise and spiritually.

Not sure how to best celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry below is a quick list of ways you can get the best out of the day.

Cook yourself a delicious dinner

Go out and see a movie you have been wanting to see, don’t worry about going alone everyone will be to busy flirting with their dates to even notice you are there let alone by yourself plus going to the movies by yourself is cool and takes courage!

Spoil yourself with some flowers and chocolates.

Treat yourself to a pamper session, perhaps a massage, mani, pedi and a fresh blow out.

Write yourself a beautiful card highlighting all the amazing things you have done this year and how proud you are or yourself.

Pick up your favourite takeaway on the way home or better yet get it Ubered to your door.

Pop open your favourite bottle of wine and load up your favourite Netflix series and binge watch the evening away.

Grab a new book you have been dying to read and shut yourself off for the evening.

Do something you have been wanting to do but haven’t had the time.

Buy yourself an extremely extravagant and expensive gift that you usually couldn’t rationalise.

Call in sick to work and spend the day in bed. (Make sure you don’t get reprimanded for this one though!)

Be a selfish lover for the evening, give your partner or tinder hook up a guide to what you want for the evening, lay back, let them put in all the effort and enjoy.

How are you planning on spending your Valentine’s Day?

Is there something special you are looking forward to doing?


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