Baby Hunt 2.0 Week 30

How far along: 30 weeks 6 days

Baby H2.0: Weighs 1.31 kg and is 39.9 cm from crown to rump, and is about the size of an Zucchini. Baby H2.0 is certainly growing!

Gender: Baby Hunt 2.0 is a GIRL!!!

Weight gain:+ 5.5 kg since we found out, my weight is up and down day to day at the moment so it is hard to get a true gauge on my actual weight gain. I can be up by a whole 2 kgs in the afternoon with all the fluid that my legs are holding onto.

Sleep: What I wouldn’t give to have a restful nights sleep, I am told that the reason it is harder to sleep later in pregnancy is to help you get ready for the exhaustion and lack of sleep the baby will cause ha ha great!

Symptoms: My legs are really starting to swell in the evenings, especially if I have been on them for any length of time. It is not a great feeling, sitting in the shower stretching seems to help but there is not much relief.

Cravings / Aversions: Not really at the moment which is nice.

Maternity Clothes: I bought some maternity dresses for the two weddings I have coming up but that is it at the moment. I just hate spending money!

Exercise: Yeah that is not really happening at the moment.

Mood: I have been a bit miserable lately, I am feeling a bit down on myself which is not really like me. I think its just the hormones and the exhaustion.

Wedding rings: Off –  side note my engagement ring broke and I still haven’t fixed it which is why I am not wearing any rings at the moment

Belly Button in or out: It’s currently an innie, was last pregnancy as well so I am assuming it will stay the same.

Movement: She has been moving a lot more lately, the movements are less sharp and feel like she is just constantly moving around, I think she is running out of room.

What I miss: Being able to go for a nice relaxing walk, I miss out evening family walk routines and we have had to cut out going to the markets on Saturday’s as its just too far for me to walk.

Preeclampsia: No real signs just a little bit of regular swelling.

Best moment of the week: Levi has been talking about his little sister and he is excited. Now that he has swapped seats to his big boy car seat he keeps letting me know that the old car seat is for the baby. I cannot wait to see how he develops as a big brother.

Worst moment of the week: I started back at Uni on Tuesday night, I am taking it slow and only doing once class a week but its 3 hours after work and by the time I get home its close to 10pm. I didn’t really expect to be as exhausted as I am this time around and I am a little worried I might have taken on a little too much.

What I am looking forward to: My father’s wedding is this Saturday, whilst I am not super excited to attend as I feel like a bloated whale I am excited to see Levi in his little outfit and hopefully steal a dance with him.

There you have the week 30 recap, I am worried about PPD but I think I should be okay, I didn’t have any PPD with Levi and I have a wonderful, loving and supportive family to help me through things if I start to feel down.

Did you struggle with down weeks throughout your pregnancy?


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