Summer Makeup Hacks

I love makeup, I feel like it is my warrior paint. I slap on a full face of makeup and I can face any serious issues work throws at me like a Girl Boss! However, with this horrible heat wave we have recently struggled through, the idea of putting layers of full coverage foundation, concealer, translucent powder, contour, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and highlighter just doesn’t feel as enticing as it normally does.

Even though we have air conditioners blaring down on us whilst we work, the constant fear that perhaps I am sweating my makeup off is enough to remove any powerful Girl Boss feeling that I may receive.

For piece of mind, I find that when the temperature reaches over 35 degrees Celsius I switch from a full coverage face to a “no makeup” fresh and glowy makeup look with a few simple switches that save on time too! This makeup is also easy to touch up and doesn’t require you to lug around a full makeup supply case.

Switch full coverage foundation to a BB or CC cream

Switching foundation from full coverage to a light-based cream will help you face feel lighter and can give more of a fresh-faced dewy look. Not to mention it’s much quicker to apply and they often hydrate the skin and contain a level of sun protection too.

Be light with concealer

In summer lighten up with the concealer by using it under the eyes to brighten up that area and then in a T shape down the forehead, nose and around lips to help even out the brightness. Simply set with a quick banana powder instead of baking with a translucent powder.

Swap the contour for bronzer

Instead of contouring and bronzing just use a big fluffy brush and bronzer in the usual contour area’s, cheeks, jawline, forehead and nose. This gives a glowing summer goddess look without the extra step.

Bronzer doubles as an eyeshadow

After bronzing take a small fluffy eyeshadow brush and cover the eyelids in the same bronzer used for the face, making sure to blend it out well. The different golden tones in bronzer help to create a multi-layered eyeshadow in half the time.

Invest in eyelash extensions

I love eyelash extensions, they create the drama of false lashes without the hassle of trying to glue them on yourself. They also don’t require mascara can skip that step each morning.

Don’t bother with liquid lipstick

I love liquid lipsticks, Jeffree Star and Lime Crime are phenomenal, but liquid lipsticks can occasionally cause lips to become chapped and dry especially during summer when the air conditioner is running full time and we are perhaps not as hydrated as we should be. Use a regular lipstick to keep your lips a little more hydrated, its also less likely to clump around the dry patches on your lips.

Glow with Highlighter

Add pops of highlighter on the apples of your cheeks, nose, inner corner of your eye and cupids bow to really help pull this fresh and glowing “no makeup” look together.

Finish with Setting Spray

To finish this look and lock it into place dowse your face in plenty of setting spray. If you are missing setting spray you could always substitute for hair spray, that is what I used to do in years gone by but would suggest against it as your eyelashes can become sticky.

This is my quick and easy go-to makeup guide whenever I am feeling like I am in a hurry or don’t want to wear too much makeup. I still feel powerful and confident like a girl boss but without the worry that I could be sweating streaks down my cheeks.

Do you have any summer makeup hacks?


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