A Letter to Levi on his second birthday

My little man is turning two on Friday, I cannot believe that time is moving so fast. I don’t post often about him on here as I feel that he cannot give permission and I would hate to post pictures and write about him only to hear years down the track that he resents that I shared so much of his early life.

I thought today I would break from that thought and write a letter to Levi reflecting on life with him for the past two years.

Dear Levi,

You came into our lives early at 34 weeks, the first sign of your impulsive nature and need to lead the charge. Early on we recognised what a beautiful and strong natured little man you were, captivated by the world around you and yet confident enough to jump in feet first to all new experiences life has thrust towards you.

As you grew we grew with you, being first-time parents we were learning as we went and if felt almost as if you sensed our anxiety and concern, never overwhelming us and falling so easily into a routine when your dad and I needed it most.

Starting childcare at 7 months, you were in your element. I had a harder time with the separation than you did and I was so pleased to see you flourish in this new environment. It shone a spotlight on your wonderful personality and I was so proud to watch the way you interacted with the other children, always so kind and eager to ensure that everyone is involved and enjoying themselves.

January rolled around and it was time to celebrate your first birthday, you were walking at this point but never satisfied with just celebrating your current triumphs you where already trying to run.

It seems that in the past 12 months you have grown from that little toddler walking around into a little gentleman. The kindness you have in your heart is so obvious with the way you interact with everyone around, always there to be silly and make people smile when you sense they may be a little down.

Chloe arrived in February and immediately the two of you became fast friends, it seems that despite her size she is your puppy dog and you cherish the responsibilities that come with looking after a dog.

As the year progressed you shone more and more, with feedback from childcare praising your strong-willed nature and perception, quick to pick up routines and lead the other children. You demonstrated your memory skills knowing all carers names, children’s names and which mummy and daddy belonged to which child.

This year your vocabulary has rapidly expanded and we have been on our toes ensuring that you do not repeat any unsavoury words. We have had a few slip-ups with you telling Chloe to Shut Up and mimicking dad when he said shit a few times but thankfully your words are pretty respectable. You can now form small sentences and can really articulate and express what you want and need which has made life much easier for everyone involved.

I started my university course in August and I was so worried about leaving you once a week alone with dad for the night whilst I went to class but you didn’t skip a beat. You cherished your time alone with dad and behaved well for him, letting dad know when it was time to eat dinner, have a shower, reminding him to brush your teeth and falling asleep at your regular bedtime.

In August we also found out we were expecting another baby and you were quick to get excited and let the secret out a little early to everyone at childcare. I cannot wait to see how you interact with your little sister, I am sure that you will be an amazing big brother.

Christmas arrived and we did have a slight hiccup with you being a little too short for your balance bike, so the mini trampoline we had stashed away for your birthday made a surprise appearance. You were spoiled by everyone this Christmas and we struggled to find a place to store all your presents.

As January has worn on your balance and coordinated have improved significantly, you are now riding your bike and scooter throughout the house and outside most mornings and evenings much to my dismay when we are trying to cook dinner or running late for childcare.

Levi, you are my shining light, the most amazing accomplishment of my life is having you as a son. I look at you most days and I cannot fathom how quickly all of this has passed and how grown up you already are. I am beyond proud of you and look forward to seeing how you will grow these next 12 months.

Happy Birthday bubba.

Love Mummy xxxxx


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