Parisian Chic

I am not sure what it is about the new year but I always seem to take stock of my wardrobe during January and think about the style choices I wish to make for the year.

After binge-watching Marie Kondo on Netflix I have thrown out a considerable chunk of my wardrobe in an effort to declutter and clean. This has lead me to look further into capsule wardrobes, minimalist style and Parisian fashion. It seems that the French have a knack for styling themselves in a manner that looks both effortless and fashion forward.

After many hours of searching, reading and pinning to Pinterest I seem to have found the basic guide that it seems most fashion-conscious Parisians live their life by.

A Guide to Great Style.
The Hunt Life.


When buying new clothes its okay to splurge if you know that the item you are buying will last. Look for items that are well made and will last years, check the stitching, lining and material, the better the quality, the more it costs, the longer it lasts.


When you are stuck for something to wear and not sure what goes with what it is best to stick to neutrals. Layering different shades of beige, black and white on top of each other is never going to clash. Keep it simple and add just one pop of colour where needed.


Take time to really understand what looks good on you and what you enjoy wearing. Choose items that you can comfortably throw on as you are running out of the house and have the piece of mind to know you look fabulous.


Trends come and go so quickly and it can be hard not to run out and purchase the newest fashion-forward item fresh off the runway. Time, however, is not always kind and fashion looks can so quickly fall out of style, it is always better to look for clothing that is timeless. There is often a reason that pieces have stood the test of time and having them in your wardrobe is more of an investment in style than a quick cool look.


Whether you are big, small, tall, short or in between tailoring items to fit your body is a must. When an item has been tailored correctly the overall look of the outfit is far greater, tailoring can turn a mediocre outfit into a stylish fashion moment. Choose items that fit your body well, to begin with, and then take them in to be tailored for your exact measurements, wearing something that just hangs on you is more likely to add extra baggage to your frame and make you look larger.


As with most things in life, confidence in your outfit and yourself is key. Style is not just the clothing you wear, it comes from within, how you hold yourself, how you interact with others and how you feel within. Walk out the door with a smile on your face and a confident attitude, which in turn radiates style!

At the end of the day style is what you make of it and no matter what, if you believe in the outfit you are wearing it is sure to provide the narrative you wish to project.

What are your style suggestions?

What is your go to outfit?


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