Setting Realistic Goals

Does the New Year come round and you feel inspired and prepared to set amazing goals you want to achieve for the year and then around March you start to realise that maybe these goals are starting to slip by the wayside.

Cut to November and you haven’t really completed anything you set out to throughout the year and feel like perhaps the past 11 months have been wasted.

We have all been there and in no way is the lack of completed goals a reflection of failure it is just simply a byproduct of our busy lives and our eagerness to over commit.

Setting New Years Resolutions and goals is a great way to tackle area’s of your life you need more control over or wish to grow. Below are some great strategies to set out your yearly resolutions or goals in a realistic fashion and focus on completing them:

Set Your Goal.

Start by narrowing down the most important goal or resolution you want to achieve for the year. Think long and hard about why you wish to complete this task and what it means to you. Settle on one goal at a time, use this time to focus solely on the task at hand.

Example: Running a Half Marathon.

Think about why you want to complete a half marathon…..

  • How would you feel crossing that line?
  • Would this improve not only your self-confidence and discipline but also your general health?
  • What is your motivation behind running this race?

Simplify Your Goal.

Detail all the aspects that you would be required to complete in order to be successful. Think about all that is involved in realising your goal, often there are many facets to a goal that both help and hinder your chances of success.

In order to run a half marathon I will need to…….

  • Train X many hours per week or follow X running plan.
  • Eat a maximum or minimum of X macros or calories per day /week/month.
  • Log my runs and experiences whilst training.
  • Purchase specialised X running equipment.

Be Sensible About Current Abilities.

There is no point wanting to run a half marathon and signing up to one that starts in a few weeks when you have never run a 5K let alone anything further than a 10K. Take stock of your current abilities or skill requirements for the goal you wish to achieve and factor that in, be smart and plan accordingly.

To successfully complete a Half Marathon I must……

  • Speak to a running professional or PT and evaluate current running level.
  • Plan out a well-balanced training plan.
  • Select a marathon at the end of the year.

Set Smaller Stepping Stones.

Keep yourself accountable by breaking your goal into smaller more achievable stepping stones. Focus on each month and follow how your progress is tracking and evaluate how this is affecting your overall success rate.

Stepping stones could include……..

  • Running a minimum of X many days each week and month.
  • Running a total of X many Kms per month.
  • Running X many more Kms this month than last month.

Concentrate On One Goal At A Time.

Stick to one goal at a time to avoid overworking yourself, don’t fall into the trap of hoping to change multiple aspects of your current self and feeling defeated when you run out of time or steam. As stated above many goals have multiple aspects so rather than setting a bunch of goals to cook a home-cooked meal every night, run a half marathon, improve your self acceptance, lose X amount of Kgs, simply pick one task that speaks the loudest to you, concentrate on that and you will find that many of the other goals you wanted to complete but didn’t focus on seem to be a byproduct.

By product goals achieved due to Half Marathon goal….

  • Tend to cook more meals at home to ensure you are fueling your body correctly for runs.
  • You are proud of your progress and feel your self-acceptance improve.
  • You lose X amount of weight just training.

Reward Your Achievements.

Keep yourself motivated throughout the year as the shinny-ness of your resolutions starts to fade by rewarding your progress and achievements. Don’t just celebrate a milestone or the completion of your goal, celebrate the days, weeks and months as you slowly work closer and closer to your goal.

I personally like to reward myself with houseplants, you can never have too much greenery in your life!

Continue To Work On Your Goal Once Completed.

Most goals we set out to accomplish are not something we can simply complete and then forget about, there is no sense in spending a year training for a half marathon and greatly increase your fitness and health only to return back to the couch potato you were previously. To truly be successful in your goals and resolutions you must constantly check in with yourself well after you have achieved them and use these achievements to set further goals and improvements.

The new year is full of exciting energy, seize the productive and exciting energy and use this to achieve the goals and resolutions you desire.

Do you struggle to achieve your New Year’s Goals?

What do you want to achieve this year?


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