End the year on a High Note!

End 2018 on a high note

Now that we have started December, are you only just holding on to your regular schedule by your fingertips and daydreaming of those beautiful 2 weeks off work over the Christmas and New Year period where you can rest, relax and recharge?

Side note, I don’t get time off over Christmas with my job. Usually, I get to enjoy the public holidays, but this year I am working boxing day! I am a little disappointed about that, but it just means I have more money to spend on Levi

Don’t waste the end of the year going through the motions without really staying present, make a choice to stay motivated for the rest of the month and finish this year up with a bang!

Check in with yourself

Don’t spend another moment stewing on the things you wish you had done differently or the New Years Resolutions and goals you wrote down but never got around to finishing. Holding onto these perceived failures does nothing but bring down your spirit and stop you from finishing this year like you started it.

Think back through the past 12 months…..

What did you manage to achieve this year?

Did you accomplish more than you set out too?

Where there moments that surprised you?

What are you most proud of?

Reflect on what you have achieved, celebrate yourself for the mundane events you do every day without even thinking about:

Worked your desk job for another year WOOOOO!

Changed your hairstyle 3 times this year and looked amazing each time

Paid all your bills for the year

Managed to “adult” for a whole year without any serious injuries!!

Take a day to recharge

Spend a Saturday or Sunday just relaxing and watching movies all day, it is perfectly acceptable to be exhausted towards the end of the year. Spend a whole day devoted to yourself, having a mini recharge so you can focus on crushing the end of the month.

Reasses what you wish to achieve 

There is no way you can squeeze all the goals you thought you would get done throughout the year into the last month. You cannot plan a half marathon for the 15th when you haven’t trained all year but had it listed as a New Year’s Resolution. Pick the goals that are achievable and put a pin in the ones you can’t, don’t think of the unchecked goals as failures, use this year as a motivation to go out and achieve them next year.

Plan the rest of the month

Grab your diary out and check your calendar, organise what you want to get done in the remaining weeks of the year. Schedule in all your events and work your plan around your schedule without overloading days. Make sure that your diary and plans are achievable, there is no point scheduling a 9am business meeting the day after the work Christmas party. 

Think about how you want your year to end, what do you want to focus on?

Eating Well: Pay special attention to meal planning and prepping for the next few weeks. Workaround your Christmas and New Years functions so that you can have full control.

Being Active: Work in a fitness plan for the next few weeks that is aligned with your current fitness level, add a few extra special events like a catch-up walk on the beach with friends or an afternoon hike with the family.

Finish Strong at Work: Check what needs to be done by the end of the year and who is doing what, try to follow up on items that are just floating around without adding too much to your plate. Look for work that your boss will notice and appreciate you completing.

Practising Self Care: Use the prompts completed in the #NovemberSelfLoveChallenge and take note of how you feel each day, watch how you feel around family, remove yourself from toxic situations.

Declutter your responsibilities

Spend a day doing everything you put off throughout the year, delete all your junk mail from your inbox, clean out your fridge and pantry, save all your photos to your hard drive and delete them off your devices, donate those old clothes you don’t wear. Complete all those tasks that are sitting in the back of your mind causing anxiety. 

Focus on yourself

If you are being asked to take on too much at this time of year whether it be from family, friends or work politely say NO. There is nothing that cannot be handled by someone else or left for another time. If you are feeling overwhelmed and cannot handle what is being asked of you at this time of year simply take a step back and delegate it to someone else.

Organise your plans for 2019

Think about what you want to achieve next year, what did you not complete this past year and add a more thorough plan to achieve it in the coming year. 

Plan your appointments and book them in advance Dentist, Optician, Physical, Skin check. Make sure you get them done and out of the way. 

Sign up for that half marathon at the end of the year and hire a personal trainer or join a running group to train for it.

Plan monthly, quarterly and half yearly check-ins with yourself, to see where you are at mentally, physically and goal wise.

Write down your goals for the year and how you wish to achieve them, give yourself a step by step guide to hold accountable.

However you spend the rest of the year, make sure you give yourself a pat on the back for making it through another year whether it was a complicated and trying year or an exciting and rewarding year but remember don’t spend too long looking back on the past and don’t waste your time gazing off into the future, concentrate on the now and enjoy yourself. Time doesn’t stop for anyone.

Did you enjoy 2018?

What was your favourite experience from this past year?


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