Thoughtful Gift Idea’s

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the time for giving but often that giving spirit can cause undue stress and anxiety as well as merriment and cheer. We spend so much time searching for the right gift and spending ridiculous amounts of money when in reality all that person wanted was to spend time talking, laughing and enjoying your company.

Sometimes the best gift is a gift that comes from the heart, thoughtful gifts often have far more valued and appreciated than the most expensive item. Attending an even together or spending some much needed time just enjoying each others company is as thoughtful as you can get.

Give the gift of thoughtfulness with the below 5 suggestions…

Wine tasting tour

Wine tasting can be fun and introduce you to wines you would have never thought to try. What better way to celebrate Christmas with your close friends and family than organising a wine tasting tour in the local wine country. Organise a bus tour to eliminate the need for a designated driver and drink the afternoon away with free samples.

Art or Pottery Class

Book a once a weeknight course for the next few months learning an interesting new skill like art, pottery or even cooking. Getting together once frequently, learning a new skill, laughing and talking the evening away is a gift that many loved ones would cherish along with the pieces they make.

Recipes in a bottle

Source: Sunset

Cute, inexpensive and easy to make in a minutes notice, pre-packed recipes in a bottle or jar. All the receiver has to do is mix ingredients together, add milk, butter and eggs then bake. 

A beautiful looking gift that is also very practical, especially for mini chefs. 

Day Spa

Give the gift of relaxation with a day spa voucher, let the receiver pick which package suits them so they can relax and unwind. Don’t have the funds for a full pamper package, spend the day doting on the receiver with cheaper options such as a yoga class, mani-pedi, and a salon blowout.

Weekend babysitting

Have some friends or family that have children and haven’t had a night out for themselves in years. Give that couple the gift of weekend babysitting and allow them to enjoy a day or two completely child-free.

Christmas is not about gifts, it is about spending time with loved ones and enjoying each others company. Don’t fret about the expectations to provide the best gift, concern yourself with what the receiver would appreciate most and often a tangible gift is the least of their wants.

What do you think of my gift idea’s?

Do you have some suggestions?


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