November Book Club Review


Another beautiful month of reading done and dusted, I hope you all enjoyed the books this month. I cannot believe we only have one more book club review left for this year.

Let’s discuss this months reading, shall we….

Another wonderful book suggestion by Reese Witherspoon’s book club Hello Sunshine Book Club.

This book had me captivated from the beginning, I really loved the way it was written in the first person and we were able to experience everything as Emily does.


I don’t want to delve too heavily into the summary as it was such an interesting read and there where some unexpected plot twists that I really don’t want to spoil for anyone but I will try my best to summarise the book without ruining it.

Emily meets Adam, she instantly finds him attracting and charming. They have a whirlwind romance where everything is just perfect until Emily is introduced to Adam’s mother Pammie.

At first Emily believes that she is imagining the rude behaviour exhibited to her by Pammie or perhaps she is just reading into things too much. However it becomes crystal clear as time moves on that Pammie has a very strong relationship with Adam and their relationship does not allow room for Emily.

As Adam proposes to Emily and they begin planning their wedding Pammie amps up her campaign to destroy Adam and Emily’s relationship by any means possible. After Adam calls the wedding off to deal with Pammie’s so-called failing health Emily falls pregnant with their daughter Poppy and that is when Pammie’s plan and her volatile relationship with Emily reaches boiling point and spills over for all to see.


Emily: A rational woman who just wants the best for herself and Adam, she has a way of doubting herself in the beginning but as her relationship with Pammie becomes worse and worse Emily is able to stand her ground and assert herself. 

Adam: He seems to be in denial about the relationship between his mother and Emily and often seems to side with his mother or turn a blind eye. At points, it was infuriating to hear him defend Pammie’s horrendous behaviour.

Pammie: Such a well-written character, I could not stand her from the beginning. You could tell from the very first moment when she left the photo album open with Adam’s ex-girlfriends image that she was manipulating both Adam and the situation at hand. Pammie was the type of character you loved to hate and seemed to deserve everything she had coming to her.


This book had a mix of strong themes including differing relationship dynamics, abuse, cheating and a lot of other dark subject matter that was touched upon well.

The motive behind Pammie’s actions seemed clear and concise during the middle of the book and created an almost losing battle for Emily. Adam clearly did not care for Emily and the way he treated her from the beginning was not acceptable, whilst he constantly sided with his mother it was only really out of easy for himself and avoidance of the issue at hand.

Final Thoughts

I love this book, it was a super fun, quick and easy read that slowly got darker the further you read. The characters were well written and the plot twists were unexpected but wonderful. I found myself rooting for Emily to smarten up and leave the mess she was getting herself into but when you love someone you often put up with all their baggage, family included.

Book Review Questions

What would you have done if you were in Emily’s position and had a mother in law from hell?

Do you think Emily was right in staying with Adam after he called off the wedding the way he did?

Do you think Emily meeting up with Adam’s brother for a drink was cheating?

Would you have acknowledged Pammie’s atrocious behaviour sooner?

What did you think about Pammie’s reasoning behind her behaviour?

Do you think Poppie will have a relationship with her father as she grows up?

Did you enjoy this month reading?

Leave me a comment below letting me know your favourite part.


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