Day 14 November Self Love Challenge

#NovemberSelfLoveChallenge, SelfLove,

Go to bed early and catch up on that missed sleep.

Today’s prompt is to treat yourself with some rest and relaxation, getting a good nights sleep can drastically change the way you feel the next morning. 

Many of us prioritise just about anything over getting a good nights sleep, there are lots of simple tasks that we put above rest, work, uni, housework, even Netflix.

If you really want to practice self love take the challenge and try to be in bed every night by 9pm. Block that time off and allow yourself to completely disconnect and let your body recharge.

I personally love my bed, I know the value of a good nights sleep and went above and beyond to purchase a mattress that would lull me to sleep. I cannot stress enough how much your life changes when you spend money and yet I still struggle to get to bed before midnight approaches.

I have spent time working on my bed time routine, I feel that going to bed early means a more productive day the following day and it is easier for me to wake up earlier and achieve more than if I did those tasks in the evening.

This is something I have been practising focusing on my night time routine for quite a while and will be writing a post shortly about how it has changed and the benefits I have received so keep an eye out for that. 

Tonight I will be in bed once again by 9pm and up at 5:30pm for a total of 8 and a half hours which leaves me rested, ready and rearing to go the next day.

Have you started the #NovemberSelfLoveChallenge? Leave a link in the comments below so I can follow along with your journey too.

Do you struggle to get to bed early?


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