Day 13 November Self Love Challenge

Spend a day doing your favourite activity.

Today’s prompt is to organise a day spent doing something your love, it doesn’t have to be today but organise it for this week/weekend so it doesn’t get left behind in the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s of our lives.

We often get so busy with life that we spend the majority of our time doing things we have to do instead of things we want or love to do. The joy that you can get from simply doing something that you love can be so beneficial to your overall health.

I know that some weeks it feels like all I am doing is juggling my responsibilities between work, house chores and university. There can be times were a full month will pass by and I haven’t stopped to take a bit of time out to enjoy myself and relax.


I love spending evenings at the beach, swimming in the water, building sandcastles in the sand with Levi, reading on a towel, and grabbing some fish and chips for dinner. I cheated a little and completed today’s prompt last night with the family. We had a lovely time, the weather is just starting to warm up so was perfect for an evening at the beach.

Have you started the #NovemberSelfLoveChallenge? Leave a link in the comments below so I can follow along with your journey too.

What is a favourite activity you like to do?

Do you treat yourself to days at the beach too?






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