Day 10 November Self Love Challenge

Spend 30 minutes meditating.

Today’s prompt is to spend 30 minutes meditating, that may seem like a lot of time sitting there doing nothing but that is not the case. Meditation causes the brain to switch off and relax, it helps to reset and calm anxious thoughts and feelings.

Try scheduling in the 30 minutes in the evening before bed, instead of staying up watching netflix or reading that extra chapter, shut off and let yourself relax.

I personally love meditation, I find it is the most relaxing way I can switch off and I often meditate right before I go to bed which greatly helps with my struggles to fall asleep.

I love meditation so much that I bought an app called Head Space and plan to do a non sponsored blog post on it shortly as it has completely changed the way I relax. If you are interested keep checking back soon for the review of the app.


Depending on what time I am meditating and what style of meditation I am choosing can change how I prepare. Sometimes I just simply switch off and concentrate on breathing, other times if I am meditating to clear my thoughts on an issue I will sit down somewhere comfortable and warm, make a cup of tea and grab a notebook. Then after have meditated on the issue for a little bit I will write down my notes and either move forward with actions or leave the issue be.

Today’s meditation I concentrated on finding happiness within myself, I let thoughts of self-love and appreciation float throw my mind and anytime something negative popped up I address that it was not needed and to let that train of thought go.

Have you started the #NovemberSelfLoveChallenge? Leave a link in the comments below so I can follow along with your journey too.

Do you practice Meditation?

What are your thoughts on it as a practice, do you find it easy to schedule meditation time?



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