Day 6 November Self Love Challenge

Write a letter of advice to your younger self.

Do you remember what it was like when you were 12 years, excited for the future, scared for the unknown and confused about who you are as a person? It is easy to forget who we were when we were younger and what our hopes and dreams where for the future.

Did you grow up to be the person you wanted to? Is there something you wish someone had told you when you were younger to put all your unease at rest?


Dear 12-year-old Georgia,

I know that life seems confusing at the moment, your health is all over the place but don’t be scared everything you will go through with your kidney failure and future transplants will only prove to strengthen who you are.

Don’t pay attention to others and try not to be so critical of yourself, trust me those girls you think are so important really are not worth your time and they may make you feel bad about yourself but that is just because they are just as unhappy with themselves.

Things will fall apart and that is completely fine, you have everything you need in your arsenal to pull yourself through the toughest of times. Work hard and trust your gut, at the end of the day you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Life is too short to hold grudges or get hung up on the small details so don’t worry little mind with trivial things and above all enjoy the journey, your life is amazing and your future is bright.

Love 29-year-old Georgia.

I was so worried and caught up with the silly little school girl politics surrounding me when I was 12, I thought that these girls I tried to befriend would either make me or break me and if they didn’t accept me then I would never get anywhere in life.

I tried changing myself to fit in, I tried silencing who I really was and in the end, they didn’t like me that way either. I ended up changing schools in the middle of year 11 and eventually dropping out altogether, if I had just held my own then perhaps that wouldn’t have happened and all the extra struggling I went through having not finished school wouldn’t have happened but oh well we can’t change the past and it made me who I am today.

Have you started the #NovemberSelfLoveChallenge? Leave a link in the comments below so I can follow along with your journey too.

What would you write to your younger self?



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