Day 4 November Self Love Challenge

Write down your favourite personality trait.

Do you compare yourself to others, is there certain aspects of your personality you wish you could change. Ask yourself why you would want to change them, often what we identify as the worst part of our personality is often what others like us most for.

Today’s prompt is to write down your favourite personality trait, what is it about yourself that you are truly proud of. Think about why you like that personality trait, why you think it’s your best asset. Try speaking up about this trait in conversations, lead with what you believe is your best trait.


I would say that my favourite personality trait is my ambition and determination. I am a hard worker and strive for a certain level of success which means that I can be hard on myself quite often but that extra pressure achieves great things.

I tend to take on as many different tasks as I can at the same time and while I may be incredibly busy I seem to manage to keep everything afloat and ticking over most of the time. I think this all comes down to my ambition and determination, I like the pressure and I like feeling like I can achieve anything no matter the odds.

Have you started the #NovemberSelfLoveChallenge? Leave a link in the comments below so I can follow along with your journey too.

What is your favourite personality trait?



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