Enjoying the last of the Winter


It may be spring already but Winter still hasn’t quiet left us yet so we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate one of the last wintery Sunday mornings at our local beach watching the tide crash into the shore.





The beach was absolutely beautiful, we are so lucky to have such a wonderful spot on our doorstep. It changes so dramatically throughout the year, in Summer the beach is stone free and the tide is so far back you can park your car along the sand. In winter the beach is filled with stones and sea weed and the tide comes right up to the top of the sand.





This above photo of Levi running open armed into Dylan is one of the most treasured photos I have ever taken, this was unprompted and a quick snap shot of the beautiful relationship between the two.






We had such a wonderful time at the beach soaking up the last of the cold weather, soon enough the beach will be covered with people and cars but for a moment on this cold Sunday morning it felt like the beach belonged to just us.

There is something so special about the relationship between Dylan and Levi, I spend so much of my time taking photos of them together. The two of them are each others biggest supporters, Dylan is in awe of our beautiful boy and Levi looks up to his father in a way I never thought possible.

It will be interesting what adding another child into our little family dynamic but I look forward to the challenge.

 Do you enjoy cold wet days at the beach too?

Where is your favourite beach?



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