Baby H 2.0 Week 13

How far along: 13 weeks

Baby H2.0: Weighs 23g and is 7.4 cm from crown to rump, about the size of a Jalapeno which is maybe why I have been eating so much spicy food.

Gender: Unknown, everyone I know thinks its a girl but I don’t know somedays I think it is, somedays I think its a boy.

Weight gain:+ 2.0kg since we found out. Not great I know but I am hoping to keep it under control.

Sleep: Not too bad, some nights I have horrible nightmares and just can’t get back to sleep. Other nights I sleep right through no problems.

Symptoms: Exhaustion, oily hair, oily skin, constipation and sore feet. Considering we have a long way to go I need to pull it together.

Cravings / Aversions: I have been eating spicy food like crazy, we made nachos last night and I put close to half a jar of them on my side. Aversion wise I am having a bit of trouble with meat at the moment but nothing too crazy.

Maternity Clothes: I bought a pant extender so I can continue to wear my jeans but that is the only item of clothing so far. Last time round I weighed over 20kgs more than I do now so all those items where thrown out and wouldn’t fit this time round but I don’t want to spend any extra money on clothes I will only be wearing for a few months so will try more of these extender products for regular clothing.

Exercise: I am aiming for 5000 steps per day and a walk in the afternoon depending on how I feel.

Mood: Feeling constantly excited, nervous and happy all at the same time.

Wedding rings: Off –  side note my engagement ring broke and I still haven’t fixed it which is why I am not wearing any rings at them moment

Belly Button in or out: Its currently an innie, was the hold last pregnancy I am assuming it will stay the same.

Movement: Nothing yet, I felt Levi at 16 weeks so I am hoping to get some movement soon.

What I miss: Nothing so far.

Preaclampisa: No signs.

Best moment of the week: Starting to tell friends I am pregnant.

What I am looking forward to:officially entering the 2nd trimester!!


Well, that is my recap for this week, I cannot believe I am doing it all over again.

The first time was great so I am hoping this pregnancy is just as easy but you never know.

How different was your first pregnancy to your second pregnancy?



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