Baby Hunt 2.0

By the title, I am sure you have a fair idea of what this post is about.

Dylan, Levi and I are thrilled to announce that baby number 2 will be arriving early April 2019.

This was a little surprise for us as we were not planning on getting pregnant but what a blessing for our little family.

// Weeks 1 – 4 //

Sitting in bed one night I had a little panic attack when I realised I was 3 days late, so of course, I made Dylan drive down to the petrol station and pick up a test. The test was positive which I was in complete and utter shock over so naturally, I called my whole family to tell the exciting news.

Had all the regular blood test to confirm that I was pregnant and told my renal transplant team.

At the end of week 4 I noticed I started to feel like all the energy I had was gone and this continued throughout the 1st trimester, I have been in bed most nights by 8:30pm and have been sleeping through till 8am. Looking forward to getting some energy back.


// Week 5 – 8 //

Week 6 I noticed I was bleeding so we rushed down to the hospital where I was given a scan and told it could be a miscarriage but thankfully it was just a hematoma in the lining of the uterus and is actually fairly common.

We told Levi that mummy was having a baby and it was in her tummy so he felt the need to tell everyone at child care so the secret was let out there early but they where all really good about it and had to laugh, I need to watch the little loudmouth until we are ready to announce.

At the end of week 8, I noticed that my cravings were really starting to kick in. I have been all about the spicy food which is crazy because I am not a fan of anything with too much heat.


// Week 9 – 12 //

Once again I have had a pregnancy without morning sickness, I think I am one of the very few lucky ones and trust me I do not take that for granted.

I have certainly noticed a bit of pain in my back and my feet already which worries me as I have a long way to go but aren’t husbands only there for free massages anyway.

We had the nuchal translucency screening week 12 and thankfully everything looks normal. So far everything is perfect, I have the little video of Berry wiggling around but she looks more like a demon than a baby yet so I don’t think its safe to show Levi without scaring him.

Well, there you have our little family secret.

I plan to post regular updates every Friday as that is when my new week starts. Cannot believe that baby number 2 is on the way.

What have we gotten ourself’s into?



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