Week 28 Budget Meal Plan

Welcome to the start of another week, this year is passing by faster than I care to see but I suppose as we age time seems to speed up and it will only pass quicker from here on out.

I have recently started out a new health kick, I am aiming for 90 minutes of walking at least 3 times a week. You should find a post shortly describing why I settled for 90 minutes and my motivation behind it all so stay tuned.


So below is the meal plan for Week 28 of 2018. This week they were having specials on Salmon and Brussel Sprouts plus I a bunch of carrots and chicken I wanted to get rid of so hence why they make an appearance.

Smart tip, veggie filled sides are normally fairly cheap and easy to make. Skip an expensive man protein and cook 2 large portions of side dishes.

I also make up 2 batches of cheap snacks every Monday night to take as snacks throughout the day or have as dessert. The recipe for this week’s snacks will be posted during the week so keep your eyes peeled.

Meal-Plan-Week-28 New


Click this link to download this week’s meal plan or click this link to download the blank template.


Check back in tomorrow when I will be posting my complete grocery haul with receipts to prove that all this plus basic household weekly supplies can come in at under $100.

Are you trying to save money for something and have decided to start up a weekly budget meal plan, leave a comment below and let me know your best budget weekly meal plan suggestions.



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