Week 24 Meal Plan & Grocery List

With our new goal to pay off our house mortgage ASAP I have had to make some pretty severe cuts to our general spending habits.

The most shocking spending that I came across was our outrageous weekly grocery bill and then the amount of food we actually threw away at the end of the week.

To combat this ridiculous waste Dylan and I have created a weekly grocery budget which is at a maximum of $100 a week. The goal is to eventually spend close to half of that each week and extend to a once month grocery shop but let’s take it by baby steps.

I like to live my life with everything planned out on paper, I find it so much easier to stay motivated and follow a plan if it’s written out. I use the beautiful Bloom Where You Are Planted Day Designer to plan my day to day tasks and have created a meal plan that I stick to each Monday page so that I can view my meals in one easily accessible area.


So below is the meal plan for Week 24 of 2018, I have scoured my local specials and have planned accordingly. To help keep costs down Monday to Friday I drink protein shakes for breakfast and Dylan just does a few slices of toast, then we take leftovers from the previous night’s dinner.

Smart tip, cook a roast at least one night a week and use the surplus meat to create the base for another nights meal. This week I am roasting a chicken and using the extra meat for a chicken pie.

I also make up 2 batches of cheap snacks every Monday night to take as snacks throughout the day or have as dessert. The recipe for this week’s snacks will be posted during the week so keep your eyes peeled.


Click this link to download this week’s meal plan or click this link to download the blank template.

Below is the grocery list that matches the above meal plan, keep in mind anything with an * next to it indicated that it is a frozen meal that I already have at home and will not be buying food for. Weekly Meal Planner

You can see that some of these items have lines through them as I already have them at home and do not need to buy more. Click this link to download this week’s full grocery plan or click this link to download the blank grocery plan you can add to.

Most of the recipes in this week’s meal plan are all located in my head at this point in time and need to be brought to the blog but below are either my recipe links or links for similar recipes from other blogs.

Roast Chicken and Veggies

Beef and Barley Stew

Chicken and Bacon Pie

Garlic Beef Noodles

Banana Nicecream

Apple “Tarts”

Homemade Banana and CC Pancakes

Pasta Bake

Lemon and Coconut Bliss Balls

Check back in tomorrow when I will be posting my complete grocery haul with receipts to prove that all this plus basic household weekly supplies can come in at under $100.

Are you trying to save money for something and have decided to start up a weekly budget meal plan, leave a comment below and let me know your best budget weekly meal plan suggestions.



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