I am back

I feel I owe an explanation as to where I have been for the past 19 months. When I left you last I was still pregnant with Levi and was busy working everyday and struggling to get through a hot Australian spring whilst pregnant.

To be honest there is no real reason that I stopped posting other than the fact that work got pretty hectic towards the end of the year, I was a waddling ball of exhaustion which meant spending most of my down time resting and sleeping.


Then Levi was born 6 weeks early in January and if I thought life was busy before I was truly mistaken. I will post a birth story shortly but cliff notes he arrived at 34 weeks, spent 3 days in NICU then transferred to the Special Care Unit for 7 days and was then cleared to go him home with a feeding tube. Tube came out after 2 weeks and he has been perfect ever since.

I went back to work just over a month after Levi was born, I was very lucky that I could bring him into the office with me everyday but it also meant that I was stretched to my limit most days.


Since then not much has changed, Levi is now almost 17 months old and in childcare 4 days a week. I have lost over 25kgs (55lbs) since Levi was born and have been trying to focus on becoming the healthy I can be and setting an active example for him.

Dylan and I have been discussing the possibility of trying for another baby at the end of this year, we must once again go through the correct doctors to ensure that my health isn’t greatly effected and have an appointment scheduled with our specialist in August.

I still work full time in a super stressful and time consuming job but I am trying my best to balance work and personal life.

We recently visited Tasmania for a short break and I fell in love with Launceston, I have decided that it would be in our family’s best interest to move to such a beautiful place and therefore have put in place and 3 – 5 year action plan to get our mortgage paid off as fast as possible.

So what does all this mean for The Hunt Life?


From now on wards I will be posting more about healthy recipes, weekly shopping plans, monthly budgeting tips, life coaching advice, mum hacks, positive affirmations, book club reviews, weekend recaps, weight loss updates, budget home decor, plus more of the same that you have come to know and love.

I have promised myself that I will once again indulge my writing passion through this page and I hope to never stray for that long again.



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