Our Babymoon

This past weekend was wonderful, Dylan and myself set off down the coast to celebrate our last non parent hurrah with a babymoon.




noun informal

noun: babymoon; plural noun: babymoons;

a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

“on the eve of my third trimester, we boarded a plane for a week-long babymoon among the quiet canals of Amsterdam”

Unfortunately we could not take any real time off work or go anywhere too far away but thankfully we live in such a beautiful area that an hr drive leaves you feeling like you have traveled somewhere distant and remote.


We stayed at Warina Resort and Marina which was absolutely lovely, thankfully it was extremely quiet and I think we saw a total of 2 couples the whole time we where there. Our room looked out on the golf course and seemed to be home to a few kangaroos that just hung out in front of our terrace all weekend.

We took Friday off work so we could leave early and found a beautiful spot down in Normanville to have lunch and waste time just relaxing in the sun, this little spot is actually only a 35 minute drive from our house and is super kid friendly so I think it will be a great place to bring our little man when he is a toddler.


We checked into our room at 4pm and just hung out for a little while before dinner, unfortunately as we where so far away from the city their wifi wouldn’t work so no netflix or internet but that was kind of great as we just sat, talked and watched the kangaroos hop around which was really nice.

On Saturday we woke up nice and early and decided to pretty much drive the local coast line, we headed down to Cape Jarvis which feels like the edge of the world. It was so beautiful but my goodness the wind was so strong it felt like you could be blown off your feet.

Babymoon 13.jpeg

We spent the rest of the afternoon stopping at different beaches so Dylan could have a swim and I could read for a little bit and then we would move on to the next spot. The water was freezing so there was no way I was joining him for a swim and I had a great book so I wasn’t too fussed about not getting in the water.


Saturday night the oval next to the resort was holding a Halloween campout where they played super scary movies all night and everyone dressed up in scary outfits. We could hear the screams of the crowd in our room, I don’t think we would have been brave enough to attend neither of us are great with scary movies!



Sunday morning we packed up slowly and made our way home, the rain had started to set in and it was getting cold so there was no beach stops on the drive back. It was so great to get away and really relax, I normally have my work phone with me on the weekends so I always feel like I am on call but I left it with my assistant while we where away so I could really disconnect.

This babymoon has really made me appreciate where Dylan and I live, we are so lucky that we have such beautiful beaches surrounding us and then these amazing hills and country side, I can see why the Lonely Planet voted Adelaide No. 5 in their best travel regions.


I loved my babymoon but cannot wait to enjoy all these places with Dylan and our little man in the coming years!

Did you have a babymoon?



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