My first trip to women’s emergency assessment

It has been a long long LONG day which ended in with Dylan and I being discharged from the Women’s Emergency Assessment unit after 6 long hrs.

Let’s back track a little shall we….

As soon as I stopped walking after dog training on Sunday something felt wrong, I hadn’t over exerted myself but I had done a small amount of jogging for the first time since being pregnant and that was clearly too much for my body to handle. I had severe pain emanating from my groin and so much pressure it felt as if our little man was going to fall right out.

Of course I did what any rational woman would do in my situation, I jumped on Google and searched my symptoms which ranged from terrifying stories of women having preterm labor to articles about stretched muscles due to exercise.

After calming myself down I reevaluated my symptoms and decided that I was clearly just suffering from strained muscles, I wasn’t bleeding or leaking, I wasn’t experiencing and cramps and little man was moving and shaking.

I spent the rest of the day curled up in bed with heat packs and my hips tilted, just in case he had slipped down a little but I doubt that would actually help. The pain lessened but was still hanging around which meant I struggled just to get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Monday morning I woke up still in pain but slightly better than yesterday and off to work I went. I spent the day taking it easy in my office, I didn’t get up unless I really needed and I kept a couple of pain tablets close just in case, all was fine. Once I got home and put my feet up I started feeling some little cramps so I called the woman’s 24 emergency line just in case and was told to take plenty of pain tablets and take it easy, if it was still causing pain tomorrow to think about getting myself checked out.

I had a pretty restless night caused predominately by stress and worry, Tuesday morning rolled around and I was feeling awful. I dragged myself to work but noticed that my stomach was really knotted up and I seem to be having cramps and the ongoing groin pain. The pain mixed with the worry and my exhaustion just seemed to boil over and I became an emotional mess.

I called the woman’s 24 emergency line again and explained all my symptoms and was told its better to be safe then sorry and it was best to come in and see them in person. I think this was mostly because I sounded so upset on the phone.

I called Dylan and he managed to leave work and drive me down, the whole way down I was worried and upset. I was anxious that there was something wrong and I was anxious that there was nothing wrong and they would tell me to stop being so stupid I’m only half way.

Once we arrived that was when the waiting began, we sat in the waiting room for a hour just waiting to be called. Then we where placed in a small side room, a grumpy old male mid wife took my temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and check the babies heart beat. All was normal so far and there was a big sigh of relief, then came the rest of the waiting which just made me more and more of a mess.

Finally after what seemed like a lifetime but was only actually about 3 and 1/2 hours the doctor saw me, she checked my stomach – normal, she checked baby on the ultrasound – normal, she checked my cervix – normal, she checked the ligaments in the side of my hips – strained, she also noticed that I had a case of thrush which is apparently pretty common and can cause painful cramps.

So all this waiting and stressing over some strained ligaments and thrush, I was so embarrassed I just wanted to crawl into a hole and hide! The doctor was really wonderful and told me not to be embarrassed and that it is always better to get yourself checked out if you are even slightly worried. As we walked back to the car I made the awkward to call to my mother to let her know that everything was fine and to let the family know not to worry.

Then it was straight home for some pain killers, heat bags and bed. I am still feeling pretty embarrassed, I guess my whole pregnancy had being going so wonderfully that the minute something didn’t feel right I thought it must be the worst thing possible, I have a habit of jumping to worse case scenarios.

I am hoping that will be my first and only trip to the Women’s emergency assessment unit and that I can relax a little and know that this little man is going to be fine. Thank goodness Dylan and I have our little babymoon this weekend, I think I need the relaxation!



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