Starting Dog Training

We took the dogs to dog training this past Sunday and it was an experience.

We adopted Clyde from a foster care house at the beginning of the year and whilst we where told he was fostered in a big loving house with a large backyard and plenty of socialization with both dogs and humans when he arrived we decided that most likely wasn’t true.

We picked him up from the airport and he was covered in fleas, underweight, shy, couldn’t share toys, didn’t walk on a lead and would upset and start barking around new people and dogs. Thankfully we have 5 acres so he can run around till his heart is full and now that he has finally come out of his shell and is a year old I thought it would be time to start tackling his issues on the lead and with other dogs and people.

Harley 3 years old trained and really is a wonderful dog but Clydes behavior tends to make him fret and become upset which means he can start barking when he see’s other dogs and as he is so big he is very intimidating and we really need to nip this behavior in the bud.

Before we started the class I spoke to the instructor about Clyde’s behavior issues, I was reassured that they have dealt with all sorts of dogs and ours will not be the worst so there was no need to worry as they have plenty of trainers on hand to help with different behaviors and difficult dogs.

When we arrived we fitted the dogs with new harnesses that clipped on the front (to help with pulling) and where given yellow bandannas to put on the boys to let other dog owners know not to approach them with out asking us first.

Then the assessment team arrived to discuss how we would be training the boys, I went off with the regular group with Harley as he was doing fine but Dylan and Clyde had their assessment with just the trainers.

The trainers believe that Clyde has suffered some extreme neglect in his previous foster home and due to this he has extreme behavioral issues and cannot be trained by a regular trainer, it is their recommendation that we seek a specialized vet and get Clyde medicated.

This meant that Dylan and Clyde where excluded from the training class and had to sit on the other side of the oval for the whole class by themselves. I felt pretty sad for the 2 of them but Dylan just spent that time slowly walking with Clyde and they had a good bonding session.

Harley and I completed the first class pretty well, most of the other dogs are puppies and Harley was a little distracted every time he heard Clyde bark over the other end of the park but we managed to get the beginnings of just focusing on me and slack lead walking. Turns out Harley isn’t really a treat orientated dog, we tried shredded ham, chicken and liver treats but he wasn’t too fussed all he really wanted was cuddles.

I am beyond upset that Clyde has these issues, he really is the sweetest dog in the world and to know that he suffered neglect as a puppy just breaks my heart. Dylan and I have decided to do all we can with Clyde to really help him be the best dog he can be and if that means specialized behavioral classes and medication then so be it.

I am looking forward to our next class with Harley, we will be practicing ever night to make sure we have everything down before next Sunday. Dylan is going to try and practice with Clyde as well but if he doesn’t get the commands we arn’t too fussed its just nice for him to be included.

Hopefully I will be updating you with their improvement soon.



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