Friday Favourites

It’s been one of those weeks where time both speed up and slowed down, I an not sure if its my pregnancy hormones (it most likely is) but I have just been struggling. It has been a week of unrelenting work and fleeting downtime, I feel like the clock slows at work but the minute I get home it speeds up and BAM its 11:30pm and I should have been asleep hours ago.

Thankfully its Friday and I have 2 whole days to recuperate before this whole cycle starts up again. I have filled up a mug of tea, grabbed my comfiest throw rug and am about to get into my Friday Favourites:

ONE // New Phone //


I hate being that braggy sort of person and normally I am not at all but I just had to brag slightly today. I finally got an Iphone 6s, I am sure I am one of the last remaining people on earth to upgrade to a 6 but I hate spending money for the fun on spending money and upgrading phones each time a new version came out always seems super wasteful. I have had my Iphone 5 since it came out and the poor old girl just got a little tired so I couldn’t hear people talking and I finally bit the bullet and upgraded. I am going crazy over the gold backing and the size of the screen, you haven’t lived until you have played Farm Heros on a 6. I may be a little over excited about my phone.

TWO // Lite N Easy //

Now I don’t normally write about weight loss and trying diets, I have had diet blogs in the past and haven’t received the kindest of feedback on them so I haven’t really spoken much about my diet on this blog. With all the stresses of being pregnant and dealing with the extra work load that the Christmas period will bring I decided it was time to start actually eating well, if not for me then for our little man. I recently started Lite N Easy and am loving it so far, I plan to do a post about my health goals and lifestyle changes sometime soon which will also include how I am currently traveling on this meal plan but so far its been wonderful.

THREE // New Blog Design //


I’m sure you have noticed my nice new blog design, I recently tired a minimal gold and black look but just wasn’t 100% sold on it and wanted something that whilst still minimal was slightly softened and more feminine. I think this roses and gold theme really captures the tone of my blog, a sweet life style blog and I am super proud of it.

FOUR // Our Little Man //


This past week we found out that our little man has a slight issue with his heart, one artery is bigger than its supposed to be. This was terrifying to hear and you can read all about that HERE, we are hoping to here back from the doctors soon but its been a scary couple of days.

FIVE // Baby Shower Invites //

Baby Invitation 1 (002)-3.jpg

My little sister Ashley has very kindly made these adorable little baby shower invites for me. I think they are super cute and just what I was after. We will also be including a small card that will be asking for signed story books rather than cards to help fill our little library. I now just have to start planning the actual high tea, we would like to do it mostly all ourselves (except the macaroons) as its a family affair and the first official grandchild so we want to go all out.

Well there is my Friday favourites, I always love typing up these posts as it means I can finally relax. I am linking up with the lovely ladies from September Farm, The Diary of a Real Housewife and A Liz Adventures.

What are our thoughts on my new theme?

Do you like the baby shower invites my sister made?


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