They found something at the scan.

We had another scan yesterday, it was meant to be a follow up from our 20 week scan last week as the little trouble maker had kept wiggling around and they couldn’t see his heart or the bottom of his spine properly.

I invited my grandmother and my mum to the scan as Dylan was busy working and they where thrilled (any excuse to see their grandchild/ great grandchild and they are there).

All was going well, he was sitting face down and on his stomach as he always is. The tech managed to roll him slightly and got the needed photos of his spine and then the photos of his heart.

These photos are from the scan a few weeks ago as he was moving to much to get new face shots 😦

It all went pretty quickly and the tech said he just wanted to check with the other tech to make sure he had enough photos and left the room. I thought nothing of it so wiped all the gel of my belly, fixed my pants, put my shoes on and stood up ready to go.

Then he walked back in with another doctor……..

My heart sank!

Now obviously I had no idea what was going on but I have watched enough medical shows to know that when they bring in another doctor to a scan there is normally a problem.

I tried to stay calm as she asked if I could lay down so she could have a little look at his heart, we made small talk about this being our first baby until she stopped and told me to look at the monitor.

The tech had noticed that one of the arteries to our little bubs heart is bigger than it should be and they are a little worried. The doctor has told me it will most likely be nothing but they are organising a Fetal Echocardiogram just to make sure.

I’m not going to lie I am pretty worried, they haven’t really told us too much at this point in time which I hope means that they are not that concerned about it and don’t want to worry us.

I’m sure my little jelly bean will be just fine but its scary, this is the beginning of a life time worrying about this little man, he is already my whole life I just cannot wait for him to arrive happy and healthy. It feels better to sit down and write this out, I feel like I am letting go of all the stress and concern I have being holding onto since yesterday at the scan.




3 thoughts on “They found something at the scan.

  1. How scary! I’m praying things change and the scan was wrong. I know with my daughter they found some restricted blood flow to her and I freaked out.. two weeks later I got another scan and it had healed itself.

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