The Vegan Beauty Box – Summer

There is no greater feeling I have then checking the mail box and finding my Vegan Beauty Box every 2 months, this is without a doubt one of the best subscription boxes out on the market and I absolutely love it. The October box happened to turn up on a day when everything seemed to go wrong at work and I was so thankful to recieve it, it completely changed my mood for the day I imagine the posties new I needed a pick me up when they placed it in my mail box.

So a little bit about this box of treasures, the Vegan Beauty Box arrives every 2nd month and contains 5 to 8 of the best new natural, chemical free and palm-oil free beauty products, ranging from full size, sample size and travel sized items, and is always valued at over $70 and will only set you back $49.95 per month plus $3.95 shipping to Australia and is completely worth it.

Before we get into this review, I have purchased this Vegan Box with my own money and all opinions are 100% my own. I post these reviews as I am always on the look out for wonderful vegan beauty products and I personally love reading reviews on products.



// Harami Natural Mascara //

Full Sized / Valued at $32.95

“Look out for the environment through perfectly pruned peepers with 100% natural mascara. No clumping, no flaking and no harmful chemicals”

Vegan Beauty Box October 8.jpg


I don’t believe in divine intervention but sometimes somethings just slip into place, that was the case with this mascara. I have been holding onto my old mascara for far to long, it has certainly run its course and is clumpy and horrible but I just hadn’t found the time to replace it. Then low and behold this little baby falls into my lap, now I personally can’t afford a $32.95 tube of mascara I just don’t have the casholla so I was pretty excited to find something so expensive in this months box. This mascara is great quality (you would want it to be for that price) it glides on smooth, doesn’t clump, drys well and doesn’t rub or fall off in chunks at the end of the day when you get tired and rub your eyes. I think I will be using this sparingly and might have to beg my husband to buy a new tube when it runs out but I loved it.

5 out of 5 stars

// Ribbon Ties //

Full Size / Valued at $12.00

“RibbonTies are specially designed to be kind on your hair and cute on your wrist, they don’t cause breakage or get caught in your hair and they double as a fashionable bracelet when you want to let your hair down”

Vegan Beauty Box October 9.jpg


I love RibbonTies they are absolutely adorable, I swear I got the cutest pack too! I like to wear my hair up in a high ponytail pretty much every day to work and often put a bow or a ribbon at the base of the ponytail to make it look a little cuter and put together. These ties double as cute little hair accessories and hair ties so of course I am going to love them. I received a bunch of complements on my hair tie when I wore the gold RibbonTie to work. They are also super practical, I have pretty chunky wrists so often can’t wear hair ties on my wrist with out getting a pretty painful indent, I wore the salmon RibbonTie as a bracelet the other day and didn’t even notice it was on my wrist, no painful indent and I was able to put my hair up later in the day when it start to annoy me.

5 out of 5 stars

// Wild Healing Raw Mint Body Butter //

25ml / Quarter Size / Valued at $8.00

“Repair those rough spots with this thick nourishing body butter. Helps protect dry irritated skin, stretch marks, spider veins, age spots, acne, scars, cellulite, eczema & psoriasis”



I love this mint body butter, there is no 2 ways about it. As soon as I spotted it in the box I had to open it up and smell it as I just love mint. The smell was strong and super minty which I loved, I immediately jumped on their website to check that the body butter is safe to use during pregnancy and thankfully it is. After my bedtime shower I cover my belly in this cream and it soothed all the itchy and irritated skin which I seems to be a current pregnancy symptom. I will continue to use this body butter and have had a look at the other products they offer and will be snapping up a couple of face masks and bath soaks.

5 out of 5 stars

// The Physic Garden Calm Balm //

28g / Half Size / Valued at $11.00

“Made with gentle & uplifiting scents, massage onto your back & chest and rub onto your pulse points before sleep or anytime you’re feeling stressed”



This is another product that I was super excited to try, I checked their website and couldn’t find any confirmation on whether this product is safe to use during pregnancy or not but then I checked their facebook page and found it is soon to be included in a special mums to be care package so I assumed it would be safe for pregnancy.

I have been struggling to sleep for at least the last 3 weeks, just tossing and turning all night. I rubbed this balm on my chest, back, wrists and soles of my feet before bed the last 3 nights and have had a wonderfully calm nights sleep each time. I love this product already, it has changed my sleeping and I couldn’t be happier. I will certainly be purchasing the special moms to be box when they release that.

5 out of 5 stars

// Vegan Organics Hair Cream //

25g / Full Size / Valued at $15.00

“A conditioning watermelon scented hair cream, the perfect mix to help smooth your flyaway hairs, condition and protect against the elements and heat damage. Melt a pea size amount in your palm and smooth over dry hair”

Vegan Beauty Box October 6.jpg


I didn’t use this hair cream myself, my hair is extremely fussy and I do not put any types of oil on it (I don’t even use conditioner). So to review this product I passed it over to Dylan, he currently has a bit of a dry scalp so I thought this would help him. He did like the fresh watermelon smell but wasn’t particularly taken aback by the hair cream and still has patches of dry skin on his head but I would say it has improved since he started using it.

3 out of 5 stars

// Mimosa Botanicals French Lavender & Oat Milk Bath Soak //

125g / Full Size / Valued at $11.95



I tried this bath soak this weekend after a day of running around doing errands at it was great. I didn’t actually have a full bath in the soak as our bath is teeny tiny and the last thing I felt like doing was squeezing into it and sitting with my knees and pregnant belly pocking out the top of the water getting cold so I put it in our foot bath and had a foot soak which I am sure is just as relaxing as a full bath.

The french lavender smells luxurious and the oat and milk mixture completely soften the skin on the soles of my feet. I felt like I had been whisked off to a expensive spa it was wonderful and extremely relaxing, I have tried quite a few oat milk bath soaks and I would say while this isn’t the best one around it is certainly relaxing and calming.

4 out of 5 stars

// Butt Naked Coffee & Epsom Scrub //

50g / Fifth Size / Valued at $3.50



I didn’t try this scrub myself, I couldn’t find anything on their website to state whether it is safe to use during pregnancy and I have read a lot of conflicting views on using coffee scrubs whilst pregnant so I did the safe thing and gave it to Dylan (I was super jealous that he got to try this scrub).

Now he has never tried a scrub before so he didn’t really have anything to go off but he absolutely loved this scrub, he said it made his feel energised. Dylan has actually been battling a horrible cold at the moment and was convinced that after showering with this coffee scrub he started feeling better and was on the mend. He has asked me to purchase some just for him and I am thinking of surprising him with their Naked Duo pack which includes the coconut and lemon scrub and the coffee and vanilla scrub.

5 out of 5 stars

There you have my October Vegan Beauty Box favourites, I know it may seem like I don’t have any super harsh negative views on any products and I see to love pretty much all of them but these are my genuine opinions.

I am not going to like a product just because its vegan and I am not going to leave a negative review on a product purely because I like everything else and feel like I need to mix it up with some negative feedback.

I review these products over a couple of days and use them a few times if the sample size allows, I put a lot of thought into my reviews and if I do like a product I often end up purchasing the full item which I will be doing with the RibbonTies, Mint Body Butter, Calm Balm and Coffee Scrub.

Did you receive the October Vegan Beauty Box?

Have you tried any of the following products?




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