The Monthly Life Planner Link Up

Welcome to the first installment of The Monthly Life Planner Link Up, I have decided to add this monthly link up to my blog to help plan and prepare for the month ahead.

Currently finding myself close to 20 weeks pregnant and changing seasons from winter to spring I have found myself in a rather large unorganized mess in most aspects of my life. I usually like to live my life with everything organized down to the letter but as life gets more and more hectic I am finding myself getting slacker which is making life a little overwhelming.

The idea behind this link up is pretty simple, write out everything you need to achieve for the month with a time limit on some tasks and then return to this post throughout the month to ensure that nothing gets missed and life gets back to being organized.

Never do tomorrow what you can do today

Procrastination is the thief of time

Now that it is October has arrived we have officially started daylight savings (sorry all you northern hemisphere readers) which means that we have and extra couple of hours to get things done each day.  I say that as I find that in winter without daylight savings I end up going to bed hours earlier just because its darker.

Below are my plans for the month:


// Design //

  • Organize a new Pin It button for images.
  • Clean up side bar.

// Posts //

  • Create Spring Cleaning check list printable.
  • Continue with weekly Bump Updates.
  • Create at least 4 new recipe posts.
  • Organise new blog series “How to be …….. whilst pregnant”.

// Social Media //

  • Connect with 5 new bloggers each week.
  • Reach out to possible social media 4 affiliates and sponsors.


// Bedroom //

  • Finish switching out my seasonal wardrobe and donate any unworn clothing to the Salvation Army. TBD by 9th October
  • Organize my makeup counter and purchase new storage options.
  • Wipe down mirror, dresser, bedside tables and bed each weekend.
  • Make your bed everyday this month with decorative pillows.

// Kitchen //

  • Deep clean fridge and freezer. TBD by 16th October
  • Clean table and counter tops every night with antibacterial wipes.
  • Organize misc. items on fridge and range hood, get rid of any unnecessary items.

// Living Room //

  • Stop dumping paperwork on the table each night.
  • Create a spring inspired table setting.
  • Spring clean the storage cupboards and remove anything that hasn’t been used in the last 6 months.

// Bathroom //

  •  Deep clean shower. TBD by 23rd October
  • Clean out cabinet and throw out any old half empty moisture, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.
  • Wipe down mirror ever night before bed.

// Garden //

  • Plant the agapanthus by the front fence line. TBD by 30th October
  • Plant spring and summer vegetables in the veggie garden.


// Food //

  • Cook a minimum of 5 home cooked meals each week.
  • Prepare breakfast before going to bed each night.
  • Meal prep snacks to have on hand each Sunday.
  • Eat dinner at the table with no phones or Tv.

// Exercise //

  • Continue with weekly Prenatal Aqua Aerobic & Yoga classes.
  • Complete 1 x 10 minute stretching & relaxation yoga video each night before bed.
  • Take a walk on the beach twice a week.
  • Aim for 5000 steps on my fitbit each day.

// Mind //

  • Start each day with a positive affirmation.
  • Eat lunch away from the computer each day.
  • Complete a meditation each night before bed.
  • Spend 1 hour reading before bed twice a week.

The Hunt Life
<div align="center"><a href="" rel="nofollow" title="The Hunt Life"><img src="" alt="The Hunt Life" style="border: none; height: auto; width: 200px;" /></a></div>

How do I participate in The Monthly Life Planner Link Up and how should I start planning?

  • The link up will go live on the 1st of each month (AEST) simply follow The Hunt Life to ensure you are notified when the link is live.
  • Write a post listing everything you wish to achieve for the month, I personally prefer to break all tasks down to a few categories and then list what I wish to focus on and complete for the coming month.
  • Include the link button somewhere on your post.
  • Link up your post (not your blog) to the linky below.
  • Drop past some other bloggers link ups and send them some love.

I already feel that I will accomplish more this month by simply having everything clearly listed, I find that once you actually plan something out on paper (or in this case blog post) that you are far more likely to see your plans through.

I am also linking up with the lovely ladies at My So Called Chaos and Morning Motivated Mom, you should swing pass and send them some love.

What do you think of my Month Life Planner Link Up?

Do you find that you are more likely to put a plan into action if you have it written down?

Love, The Hunts xx


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