September Favourites

Can you believe that we are already at the end of September? I am not ready for the 10th month of 2016 to start, I feel I am just too far behind this year. I am starting to think maybe that just means I am turning into a Adult GASP!!!!!!!!!!!

That is probably why this month I have been all about reminiscing and channeling teenage Georgia (my poor husband). Do you remember when you where 16 and it felt like you had the whole world in front of you and everything was exciting and left butterflies in the pit of your stomach? Yeah…..

Well I now worry that I will never have that feeling again and I feel as if my whole life evolves around work and making sure that the bills are paid. What I wouldn’t give to be able to drop everything and run off with Dylan for an adventure, I imagine this just part of pregnancy hormones.

I have be writing down things that I am loving this past month so that I could put together a new monthly favourites post. Lets get into this past months favourites shall we?

// MUSIC //

I have been listening to my Teenage Angst playlist on spotify non stop this month, I am so about that late 80’s early 90’s grunge, specifically Epic by Faith No More. I have been playing that song on repeat constantly all month and I think the last time I listened to that before this month was most likely 2004.


// FOOD //

This month much to our bank accounts dismay I have been loving fresh peaches, I seem to be going through AT LEAST 4 A DAY and these bad boys aren’t cheap. I may not be helping by only buying organic but I don’t want any nasty pesticides whilst pregnant, especially if I am eating them in such large volumes. I also ate large amounts of peaches as a teenager (I used to skip meals and just eat a piece of fruit nice work teenage Georgia!) so eating them so much really makes me reminisce about being a teenager.



I recently bought a pair of ASOS Maternity Ridley Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans in Mid Wash with the Under the Bump Waistband and let me tell you these babies are amazing! I plan on creating a post in the coming weeks regarding the lack of good quality and stylish plus sized maternity clothing brands. These jeans will be be front and center in that post they really are worth every penny and if I could wear them everyday I would. I was also all about mid wash denim as a teenager, it was teemed with the bell bottom style that was so popular in the 90s (EWWW) but I have been in constant light coloured jeans for the past 10 years so its nice to be back in a dark slimming colour.


This September I have been religiously attending my Prenatal Aqua Aerobics & Yoga, this class is offered locally by a wonderful company called Earthly Birth and I suggest everyone give a class like this ago whilst pregnant. It helps calm me down after a stressful day at work and also helps with my lower back pains which have been getting worse the further along I get.



Finally my favourite for this month is my ever expanding baby bump, as the days go buy its getting rounder and rounder which I am really happy about. Being plus sized I feel that it is harder to actually see my baby bump so the fact that it is finally starting to become rounder and take on more of a D shape makes me unbelievably happy and finally actually feeling pregnant.

Well there is Septembers favourites, it seems that September went so fast that I barely even had time to actually have any favourites.

What are your September Favourites?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by Adult life?

Love, The Hunts xx


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