Week 18

This week has been a HOT MESS!!!!! hence the lack of posts. I am going to give you a quick rundown before we get into this weeks bump update


I had the migraine from hell, I have been super lucky and haven’t had too many migraines since getting pregnant but Sunday night I was hit with 2 tension migraines, one around the forehead and one by the back of my neck. I didn’t really sleep so Monday morning I called in sick to work and sat in the shower crying and vomiting from pain for around a hour and a half, thankfully I was so exhausted after I got out the shower that I managed to fall to sleep for the rest of the day.


It was all about catching up on the previous days work so it was pretty busy, I then had my evening prenatal aqua aerobic yoga class which was nice and relaxing and calmed me down.

then we get to WEDNESDAY:

I had to let some maintenance guys into work at 3:30am and I struggled to get back to sleep once I got back home, then work up late and got to work at 9:30am. We are currently dealing with the worst storm in 50 years and whilst I was rushing around dealing with heaps of leaks and other weather related issues we lost power. Turns out the WHOLE STATE lost power and it was a nightmare, the whole shopping centre went dark and we had to close all the stores ourselves it was horrific and I finally left home at 6:30pm, it was a long day.

The storm is supposed to be worse tonight and we may lose power, I am really REALLY hoping we don’t, let hope the power stays on.


How far along: 18 weeks 5 days

Baby H: weighs 190g and is 14.2 cm from crown to rump, about the size of an Sweet Potato.

Gender: Baby H is a BOY, you can read about the reveal HERE.

Total weight gain: + 2.0kg which is 400g lost since last week, pretty happy with my weight.

Sleep: Still tossing and turning, I notice I sleep better if I have a shower before bed.

Symptoms: Still horrible face pimples and I am starting to “feel” pregnant.

Cravings / Aversions: This week I have been craving apple juice like crazy.

Maternity Clothes: I have started rolling my pants down under my belly as they are now to tight to wear over my bump, still wearing loose fitting work shirts.

Exercise: I had a pretty bad week exercise wise, I went to Tuesday night Aqua aerobic yoga classes but that has been it for the week, I need to get some more walking in.


Wedding rings: on

Belly Button in or out: Its currently an innie.

Movement: I felt flutters after dinner Sunday night.

What I miss: Comfortable sleep.

Preaclampisa: Still no warning signs or symptoms yet thankfully.

Best moment of the week: Relaxing at my prenatal aqua aerobic yoga class.

What I am looking forward to: Having my first prenatal massage tonight, cannot wait I need this!

Well there you have my bump update and weekly run down, I am looking forward to this weekend I need some rest and relaxation, this week has been too much.

How has you week been?

What where you like at 18 weeks?

Love, The Hunts xx


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