Baby H Gender Reveal


Dylan and I decided that we are far to impatient to wait till the 20 week scan and booked a private 3D gender scan last Friday to find out what gender our little jelly bean is.

Friday night we drove to the other side of the city so we really had no idea where we were going, the map app directed us through a complete suburban area and as we wound street to street I started getting concerned as it was clear we where heading to someones house and not a standard business building as I thought.

Finally after what seemed like 20 different streets, we turned down a cul de sac and sitting at the end was a newly built 2 storey house with a bright sign and a large family with 2 very pregnant woman standing out the front talking so I new this had to be the place.

We walked inside and were warmly welcomed by a lovely receptionist in a front room turned reception area, I was immediately put at ease and reminded myself not to judge a business by its location.

We sat down in the waiting area and nervously waited our turn, as I have said before we had a bet riding on who was right about the gender. Dylan thought it was going to be a girl, I thought it was going to be a boy.

Finally our names where called and we where lead into a small room with a large couch, small bed, large tv screen and a ultrasound machine. The tech was lovely and insisted I have some chocolate to help wake the baby (Dylan had some too to “help” wake the baby).

The tech started scanning and immediately our little jelly bean was up on the tv screen wiggling and bouncing around. Apparently I didn’t need the chocolate and we have a bit of an active baby on our hands (this is the 2nd time I have been told this). We got some wonderful 3D shots of Jelly bean looking more like lord voldemort than a baby but thats to be expected as I was only 16 weeks 6 days.

Soon enough it was time to find out, I was given the “its only early so often its hard to see and we most likely will not be able to give you a 100% answer”. She flipped the wand over and there was a little bubs little legs, butt and balls!

Baby H is going to be a BOY!

Now the tech took a few more images for us and we where able to see all his little glory and was told that he is 100% a boy, there is no denying it with this little one. Dylan was pretty chuffed and believes he takes after his father ha ha (insert eye roll).

We are beyond excited and have now officially started decorating Baby H’s nursery, I look forward to posting a nursery tour once we get closer to the big day. I cannot wait to meet our little man and now we have found out it feels like an eternity till he gets here but I am sure it will go pass in no time at all.

What did you think Baby H would be?

Did you get a earlier scan to find out your babies gender?

Love, The Hunts xx


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