I felt our baby

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that it finally happened…….

Dylan went to play his weekly soccer game last night and I wasn’t feeling so fresh (pregnancy headaches) so I was hanging out in bed last night binge watching Luther on Netflix, it is a must watch!

Gosh Idris Elba is one sexy man!

Anywho I’m laying there just minding my own business when I start to feel some funny movement in my stomach just under my belly button. Now TMI alert I had been having a bit of gas and a bit of tummy grumbles all day so at first I just assumed that it was more of the same. Then I started to notice it really wasn’t gas or grumbles it was something completely different and I can’t really explain it but I know it was our little jelly bean.

Bed is my happy place at the moment

By the time it clicked that this movement was our little bub the movement had stopped. I tried poking by belly to get the little bub moving again but to no avail, he/she was cooked from that little bit of excursion.

I am honestly just so shocked by this feeling and I plan to rush home and jump into bed, relax and hopefully feel it again tonight. Tomorrow night we have a private 3D scan to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl and getting to see our bub after already feeling our bub last night has just left me so unbelievably excited.

When did you first feel your baby move?

How would you describe the feeling?

Have you watched Luther?

Love, The Hunts xx


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