Pregnancy Scare

I have been in bed all day……….

I had my first pregnancy scare last night, I was up all night with pains in my abdomen. It felt like period cramps but with sharp stabby pains at the same time. I didn’t want to wake Dylan up as he has a lot of work at them moment and needs his sleep so I tried to keep switching sides and sleeping through it but I was constantly being woken up by pain.

The pains were still there when it was time to go to work so I called in sick and then decided to call the emergency hot line. The midwife that answered the phone was extremely nice and helped to calm me down, I was of course imagining worse case scenario.

As there was no bleeding and the pains weren’t constant she believed that they where just bad round ligament pains, I have previously had RLP in the 1st trimester but apparently our little bub is just starting to grow a lot bigger a lot faster causing sharper pains.

I was instructed to take some pain killers, have a nice long shower and then try and go back to sleep. I did as instructed and woke up at 1.30pm feeling nice and rested with no more pains, clearly she was right and I just need to relax and trust that my body knows what it is doing and everything is on track.

I am hoping that is the one and only time I will need to call the emergency hot line but as I am an extreme worry wart I am sure I will most likely call again in the remaining 24 weeks.

Did you ever have a slight freak out like me whilst pregnant?

Love, The Hunts xx


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Scare

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  2. I had the same kind of scare around the same time in my pregnancy as you. I was modelling for a life-drawing class at the time and I had to get out of my pose because I had those sharp abdominal pains so bad and I had to walk around for 10 minutes, the pain eventually stopped but it took a while so I was freaking out in my head but had to be professional on the outside, that was very hard. The lady who was hosting the class called her daughter who happens to be an expert on pregnancy and she said the pains are totally normal, it’s just the baby growing and I have to be moving around, I can’t sit in the same position for too long or else I will get those intense sharp pains. But just so you know you’re not alone! So scary though! ❤

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