Week 15


How far along: 15 weeks 4 days

Baby H: weighs 70g and is 10.1 cm from crown to rump, about the size of an avocado.

Gender: Still waiting to find out, I am hoping to find out in the coming weeks.

Total weight gain: + 1.7kg so I am down 500g from last week, I hope that I continue to maintain my weight.

Sleep: Loving my sleep at the moment, I seem to be going to be around 10:30pm and waking up at around 8:30am and not feeling too tired.

Symptoms: Still getting pain in my lower back and dealing with a lot of sinus issues this week.

Cravings / Aversions: Still craving fresh fruit, peaches in particular. I also had a massive craving for hot smoked salmon last night so I bought vacuum packed hot smoked Tasmanian salmon from the store and had some. It tasted amazing and from what I read Tasmanian salmon is normally pretty safe but I am now feeling guilty and worrying about listeria. Still no major aversions.

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing loose tops and stretchy work pants that are 1 size bigger than I usually buy. I have also started wearing my asos maternity jeans on the weekend, they are extremely comfortable

Exercise: Still aiming for 5000 steps per day and 3 workouts a week for around 20 mins depending on how I am feeling.

Mood: Super positive and happy

Wedding rings: on

Belly Button in or out: Its currently an innie.

Movement: No movement yet, too early.

What I miss:  Raw Salmon and Tuna Sushi this week.

Preaclampisa: Still no warning signs or symptoms yet thankfully.

Best moment of the week: I went to my first prenatal aqua aerobic & yoga class last night. It was really relaxing and nice to meet other pregnant women but I am feeling a little saw in my arms today.

What I am looking forward to: Getting round to spring cleaning the house this weekend.

As you can tell not much has changed this week, still just chugging along. I seem to be having a perfect pregnancy (knock on wood) so far, I just hope it all keeps up like this.

Love, The Hunts xx


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