Our Saturday Recap

Well the weekend is just about over, it seems to have gone super fast this week as Dylan and I decided to spend yesterday at the Royal Adelaide Show. It is held annually but Dylan and myself haven’t been for about 5 years as it can be expensive, we decided that this would be our last chance to attend and do what we would like to do without having children with us so we made a day of it.

We arrived at 2pm and walked around having a look at all the food stalls, animals, art collections and business exhibitions as that is my favourite part of the show.


We did not go on any rides which helped to keep the cost down as being pregnant I could not go on any and Dylan didn’t really want to go on any, someone died a few years prior when they where flung off a ride and whilst that was a absolute 1 in a million accident it still sits in the back of your head so I am glad he didn’t go on any.


We then sat down to watch all the events that are held, my favourite is the wood chopping and the stunt bike riders but we also saw the Ute races and the drone races. The drone race was just shocking, they where meant to be the state championships but out of the 4 races we watched 2 drones managed to finish the rest just crashed or broke it was horrible.


As it started to become darker we headed to the showbag pavillion and picked up a few show bags, I grabbed a couple cheap chocolate ones for my sisters as a thank you for dropping us off and picking us back up so we didn’t have to drive in and find a park. I also went a visited a psychic who got just about everything about me completely wrong which I was really upset about.

She kept going on about a grandfather that had died, both mine are still alive, she then told me I would get married in a few years at the age of 27 (I was wearing my wedding ring and engagement ring) and that I wouldn’t have children for at least 5 more years. She also thought I was a water sign, when I told her I was Aries she said ahhhhh I meant a stronger more dominant sign and that she could tell that I had spiritual abilities and should study them which is completely untrue. I was extremely disappointed as I everything felt like a lie and that I had paid for nothing.


Dylan and I then grabbed a quick bite for dinner and headed towards the main oval to watch the fireworks at the end of the night. They where wonderful fireworks set to the beat of a few songs.

Well there you have a quick recap of our Saturday, its not very often that I recap what we did on the weekend and as this was a special event I thought it would be good to switch things up and post about it.

Do you have an annual show that you attend?

What is your favourite ride, activity or event you like to go watch?

Love, The Hunts xx


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