First Trimester Must Haves:

I feel a little guilty writing my First Trimester Must Haves as I had quite a easy going trimester, I have however put a list together with a few things I found myself constantly buying and/or thankful that I had already bought it.

Frist Trimester must haves

// Prenatal Vitamins //

This is a fairly stock standard must have, we all want the best for a little growing bubs so starting a prenatal vitamin before you even start trying is a must. I have been taking Elevit and they are pretty easy to take but a little on the expensive side.

// Pregnancy Pillows //

I bought one as soon as I found out I was pregnant from Ultimate Pillows, at the time they had a special so I snapped up the ultimate pregnancy pillow and the butterfly pillow. I am thankful I did because I often switch between the 2 depending on how I am feeling.

// Netflix //

Well is not a necessary must have but I don’t know what I would have done without netflix, I often found myself having trouble sleeping so would put on a movie and watch it until I started getting sleepy. Plus I watched a couple of parenting, pregnancy and baby documentaries which made me super excited.

// 1L Water Bottle //

Of course keeping hydrated is a big one and thankfully I have a bunch of BPA free drink bottles that I just fill up with water and leave around the house and at work so there is always one nearby.

// Bio Oil //

Most people start applying bio oil to their stomachs after the first trimester but as I am a “luxurious” woman I already have a few stretch marks and found that they started hurting and I noticed the beginning of more marks. Now technically you can’t actually stop stretch marks and seeings as my tummy is already a road map I am not too fussed about any more but I felt the oil helped to soothe the pain (which is quite possibly all in my head) so I have been using since the 6 week mark.

// From Pea To Pumpkin //

I really wanted a super cute pregnancy journal that I could write in and hand down to our baby one day when they are old enough. I searched and searched for something that had minimal writing in it and with plenty of prompts as pregnancy brain has taken away writing inspiration I had. This book is absolutely beautiful with its water colour images and it is just what I was looking for.

// Lucas Paw Paw Ointment //

Ask any woman in Australia and they will tell you this is liquid gold! I have been having a big issue with chapped cracked lips and Lucas is my go to, I have already gone through a tube in this trimester.

// Ovia //

I was super excited to find out I was pregnant and had actually being using the Ovia ovulation app when we started trying so of course as soon as there was a big positive I downloaded the Ovia pregnancy app. This is such a great pregnancy app, not only does it tell you how big your little bub is, let you track your weight, give you daily tid bits about how your baby is growing but it also shows you the size of your babys hand which I just cannot get over.

// Hard Boiled Candies //

I thankfully haven’t really had any morning sickness but time to time I did feel a little queezy in the mornings at work and found that sucking on hard candies, specifically blackberry as they are my favourite flavour relieved any nausea that I had.

There you have my list of must haves for the first trimester, I am not sponsored or affliated with any of the companies mentioned above. I have left links to their pages purely because I love their products and found them extremely helpful at this stage of my pregnancy.

What did you swear by for your first trimester?

Do you have any pregnancy must haves that I should buy for my second trimester?

Love, The Hunts xx


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