13 weeks

Wow I cannot believe I am sitting here writing my first ever official bump update, this is a pretty special post for me and a long time coming!

week 13
I really need to work on my bump selfies!!

How far along: 13 weeks 4 days

Baby H: weighs 23g and is 7.4 cm from crown to rump, about the size of a peach.

Gender: I hope to find out soon. I think its a boy, Dyl thinks its a girl so we have set up a bet, who ever is right gets 3 outs that they can use at anytime ie Baby H has a nappy blow out you use 1 of your outs and don’t have to clean up.

Weight gain: + 1.7kg today but it has been up and down for the past 3 months, some days I have lost weight other days I have gained but I imagine from here on out it will be all a slow and gradual gain.

Sleep: I am finally getting over my severe exhaustion so am able to stay up later till around 9ish and seem to fall asleep pretty well but still wake up multiple times to go to the bathroom and struggle to get comfy. I have a pregnancy pillow but some nights it makes it worse and I am worried that I am struggling at only 13 weeks. I have noticed if I have a long shower before bed that seems to help me sleep through out the night.

Symptoms: Exhaustion, oily hair and oil skin seem to be on the way out but now I am beginning to get a bit of back pain by the late afternoon, thankfully I have a mountain of wheat bags to help soothe it.

Cravings / Aversions: I have been all about fresh fruit lately especially peaches, I have also reintroduced yoghurt back into my diet as I have been craving it like crazy but I will be back off dairy once the baby is here. No real aversions at this point in time thankfully but then again I am not being too daring with foods.

Maternity Clothes: I am still wearing my usual work clothes, loose light weight shirts and pull on pants but I have noticed my pants are getting pretty tight round my hips. I bought a pair of maternity office pants the other day but they arrived and looked more like yoga pants than work pants so I will not be wearing them.

Exercise: I am aiming for 5000 steps per day and 3 workouts a week for around 20 mins depending on how I am feeling as I have only just started noticing my energy is back and don’t wish to over do it.

Mood: Feeling constantly excited, nervous and happy all at the same time.

Wedding rings: on

Belly Button in or out: Its currently an innie.

Movement: Cant feel anything yet and I imagine being a more luxurious lady it will be a little longer than normal for me to feel movement but when we went to our scan on Friday Baby H was jumping all over the place and constantly moving, making it very hard to get all the regular checks done.

What I miss:  I miss the idea of having a glass of wine while out to dinner with family even though I don’t normally drink wine its odd.

Preaclampisa: Being overweight and having kidney problems means I am high risk so we are monitoring it but thankfully everything is looking fine at the moment and my blood pressure is normal.

Best moment of the week: Finally announcing the pregnancy and not needing to lie about it anymore.

What I am looking forward to: officially entering the 2nd trimester!!

At this point in time I couldn’t ask for a better pregnancy, I hope it continues like this!

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