A special announcement

There has been a reason I have not been posting much lately, I have been so uninspired to write anything as the only thing that I wanted to write about I couldn’t but now that we have hit the 13 week mark I can thankfully announce….

Baby Hunt is due 25th February 2017

I am so incredibly thrilled that we are finally having a baby, it has honestly taken years to get everything okay-ed with my specialists which caused me to begin to think this might never actually happen.

I have been debating whether to write about my pregnancy on here as being pregnant and plus sized, I have already found it slightly daunting as there is such a stigma with being pregnant and overweight. However it is for that reason that I feel I have to document my pregnancy, life comes in all shapes and sizes and I wish I could find more pregnancy journeys like mine.

I plan on doing a bump update every Wednesday and thought it would be nice if I did a bit of a rundown of my first 3 months:

// Weeks 1 – 4 //

I was planning this pregnancy so was using the app Ovia fertility to help give me a idea of ovulation, I also read taking charge of your fertility which is such a wonderful book and I will continue to use the FAM method for birth control after we have our baby, I suggest every woman read this book!

This was our 3rd month trying to convince but the first month where I properly planned everything, so I decided to test early at 3 weeks 10dpo and the test was faint but there was a definite line. I ended up taking around 20 test between week 3 and week 4 as I could not believe it.

At the end of week 4 I noticed I started to feel like all the energy I had was gone and this continued through out the 1st trimester, exhaustion has been my number one symptom and I will be glad to see it go, my daily routine consists of waking up late, going to work, getting home from work, hoping in bed for a few hours, have dinner and back to bed!

// Week 5 – 8 //

I called the doctors and booked a bunch of appointments with my specialist to make sure everything was fine with the pregnancy and my kidney (thankfully its all fine but I am being watched like a hawk). I told my sisters at week 6 because there is no way I could keep this a secret from them, I am a bad liar at the best of times and have a terrible poker face.

I told my mum and grandmother at week 7 by giving them bags of wool and crochet/ knitting patterns and told them to have it all finished by February, they were ecstatic and I think that was the best way to tell them.

Throughout this month I struggled with cramping in my lower stomach, I was absolutely terrified but there was no spotting and the doctors didn’t seem too worry about it and I just stocked up on wheat bags to help soothe the pain. My skin and hair also broke out in ridiculous oil slicks, it was like the BP 2010 oil spill but all over me!

// Week 9 – 12 //

I still didn’t really have any morning sickness, there was the odd moment when I drank too much water first thing and it all came straight back up but I wasn’t having any prolonged nausea (I am one of those women, hate me if you must) which scared me. I was once again worried that because I was missing a fairly standard pregnancy symptom there was something wrong with me and the baby but thankfully I am just a lucky one.

I also started getting some serious back pain, I am already carrying a large amount of extra weight around my stomach and hips so the added extra uterus weight has started causing issues. I am looking for a great plus sized belly band to help elevate the pain but so far the only ones I can find only go up to a size 16 which isn’t going to fit this belly let alone when it actually starts expanding.

We had the nuchal translucency screening week 12 and thankfully everything looks normally, our little jelly bean decided he/sheΒ wasn’t going to behave and it took us close to a hour to get all the images we needed as he/she kept bouncing all over the place and laying on his/her belly not back.

Well there you have my first trimester recap, I am so excited that I made it through this far with no real issues and I cannot wait to share this experience on my blog. I have been waiting so long to finally have children that this whole pregnancy seems like a dream and is already going a little too fast for my liking.

I hope to try and connect with other pregnancy blogs as I would love to read other journeys at the moment too so if you know anyone I should check out let me know.

Happy Monday everyone

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13 thoughts on “A special announcement

    I saw your comment on our family blog and thought I’d check you out πŸ™‚
    I also love Taking Charge of Your Fertility (so informative, my sister in law and I swear it should be required reading for girls/women everywhere to know as much as possible about how their body works!). I was also lucky enough to avoid nausea in the first trimester (most of the time…) and am still so grateful about that.

    Good luck with your weekly posts! My “weekly” posts sometimes turn into every-two-weeks or every-three-weeks posts because I have nothing new to report, thankfully. A “boring” pregnancy is the best thing you can hope for, haha.

    Anyway, nice to meet ya! See ya around πŸ™‚

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  2. P.S I’m no expert, this is my first pregnancy and honestly I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just kind of going with it and doing my research on everything as I go, BUT I see I’m a couple of months ahead of you so if you have any worries or questions, please feel free to ask me! I noticed that we both have similar pregnancy symptoms, both little to no morning sickness, both have pretty crappy fatigue and tiredness. So maybe I can help in case you ever worry about something πŸ™‚ Take care!

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