Winter Beauty Vegan Box

To me there is nothing more exciting than checking my post box to find a nice big package has arrived, even better when it is my winter vegan box.

I am so excited to review this box for you all, last seasons autumn box was wonderful (see the review HERE) and with winter being my all time favourite season I am sure I will love just about everything in this wonderful, magical vegan box.

Vegan Box Review.jpg

*This is NOT a sponsored post, I paid for the subscription myself. All the views are my own*

The bi-monthly beauty box contains  5 to 8, ranging in sizes from full, sample and travel sized items which are all palm oil free, cruelty free and completely vegan. Each box will set you back $49.95 plus $3.95 shipping to Australia but contains over $90 worth of products.

Winter Beauty Box Review.jpg

Ohh a cute little description note written in Lilly Belle one of my favourite fonts, its going to be a good box I can already tell.

// Dusk By Adele 2am Lipstick //

Full Size / Valued at $29.95

“The perfect red for all skin tones. Bright red, with dark orange undertones. Jojoba and shea moisturise and stop lips from drying out, while creating a long – lasting matte colour.”

Dusk Lipstick.jpg

This lipstick gave me life, the colour is a perfect red and would suit so many different skin tones. I applied the lipstick before work and it lasted for hours whilst I talked, drank and even ate. The texture of the lipstick is great especially for a matte lipstick, it glided on and felt more like I had applied a lip balm then lipstick let alone a matte lipstick.

5 out of 5 stars

// Giovanni Blackberry & Coconut Hot Oil Treatment //

49 g / Full Size / Valued at $9.95

“Strengthen and restore your hair with this exclusive ‘dual repairing complex’; an essential blend bursting with antioxidant power combining fresh black berries and the organic oils of coconut.”

hot oil treatment.jpg

I have always hated and feared oils, I have the finest hair you could imagine so obviously I want to avoid adding anything that could worsen my daily oil battle. My hair is so fine that I avoid washing the roots with conditioner so I was super apprehensive about trying this treatment, I decided to just add the oil to the ends of my hair and leave for 20 minutes and then wash out. Whilst it did take me 2 large shampoo washes to get that slick greasy feeling out of my hair I noticed pretty quickly after my hair dried that it was looking pretty soft and silky. I think as far as oils go this okay, it smelt quite nice but was slightly hard to wash out and I think there are better products out there.

3 out of 5 stars

// Keeko Sample Pack //

2 x 10ml Sachets / Full Size / Valued at $5.00

“An Ayurvedic mouth rinse treatment designed to get those pearly whites sparkling bright as well as detoxing the body and mouth by reducing plaque & bacteria.”


I have to admit I was a little hesitant about these oils, I remember when coconut oil and pulling oil was all the rage last year and I thought it sounded a little hippy so I never tried it. When I found these oils in this months vegan box I was intrigued but still hesitant so I thought I would try the one I thought sounded like it would taste the nicest the sweet sensation made up of Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Chamomile essential oil, Myrrh essential oil, Lemon essential oil and Vanilla and Cinnamon natural flavours. Let me just say I am converted! I swished the oil around in my mouth for 5 minutes, spat it out then brushed my teeth and I swear my teeth have never felt so clean! I have already bought the Lucky Dip which includes all 3 flavours: Morning Burst, Citrus Sensation and Sweet Sensation and can not wait to try the other flavours out, this is certainly something I think everyone should try and I will be happy shouting from the roof tops I am an Keeko oil pulling lover.

5 out of 5 stars

// Inika Mineral Eyeshadow //

Full Size / Valued at $25.00

“A pure and vibrant mineral eyeshadow, pigment rich, that will last all day.”


I squealed with delight when I saw this eye shadow, Inika is stunning but it is not cheap so finding peach fetish (one of the prettiest colours they have) in my box I was beside myself. This eye shadow is stunning, the pigment is a pearly soft peach that blends better than you could ever imagine. I am slowly adding to my Inika collection (any faster and my husband would notice) but this is my favourite product I own so far. Inika is my first stop for vegan make up, it is not only vegan but the quality is beyond luxurious.

5 out of 5 stars

// Tula Natural Face Polish //

30 ml / Mini Size / Valued at $10.00

“A combination of walnut shell powder and lemon, creates a highly effective natural scrub, for gently polishing away dead skin cells & impurities, and a gentle peel that removes the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.”

Tula Naturals.jpg

I love face polishes and actually often make my own so I don’t often buy them but after trying the Tula face polish I think I will stay away from home made beauty products and stock up on some of theirs. The texture of the polish was thick and “gluey” so a little bit really went along way, I have been struggling with small oil build ups around my nose lately and found the next morning after using the polish half of them where already gone. This really is a luxurious polish, it smelt beautiful, glided on well and felt light on the skin, I will be adding this face polish into my skin routine!

5 out of 5 stars

// Today Is Ours Rose Bath Mylk //

100 g / Half Size / Valued at $12.50

“Immerse yourself in a silky smooth bath of skin softening oat mylk, prized mineral rich salts and fragrant rose petals. Don’t have a bath? Treat your feet to a foot bath instead!”

Today Is Ours

After a pretty long and horrible work day this rose bath was one of the most relaxing baths I have ever had. I poured in plenty of the bath mylk, managed to squeeze myself into our teeny tiny bath, grabbed this months book club book and laid there until the bath went cold and I wrinkled up like a raisin. The bath mylk was beautiful and smelt like a day spa, after the bath my skin felt incredibly soft, so soft I didn’t put on moisturizer. I plan on saving this bath mylk for special occasions or nights when work has been to much because it was just so relaxing and enchanting.

5 out of 5 stars

Well there you have my review of the winter vegan box, I always feel slightly guilty when I love most of the products so much and I sometimes feel there should be negative somewhere but often the products included are so luxurious, I can’t help but love them all and I give my honest opinions. A few of these items the Today Is Ours Rose Bath Mylk and Tula Natural Face Polish I will be buying for my little sisters for Christmas as I loved them so much myself I know they will too.

Do you subscribe to The Vegan Beauty Box?

Have you tried any of these products, what are your thoughts?

Do you have any products I should try?

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