Balthazar Guest Posts

Today I am handing over the blog to Balthazar my beloved rag doll Cat, please give him a nice warm welcome.

Well hello there my name is Balthazar but you may simply call me B, not out of choice my humans simply decided it is too much trouble to call me by my first name so they just shorten it to the first letter. I hate being called B and never come when they call me that, you think they would learn but apparently not.


Georgia has lazily asked me to guest post today, I think the idea of anyone reading anything written by her is quiet ridiculous, how self absorbed is she that she believes people may actually read what she writes! I am sure this post will be far better than anything she has written.


So a little bit about me, I am 2 years old and currently taking sometime to find out what I really enjoy in life, so far I have found a passion for leaping over the couch as fast as I can, sleep on the window seal in the afternoons, lounging by the window taunting the stupid dogs (especially when its raining and cold outside), sleeping as close to the fire as possible and clawing my way along the couch.


I am would say that I am by far the most important member in this family and the only one with real class. My humans seem to think they are in control yet they feed me when I call, they have to leave the house to work whilst I relax, they buy me toys and they cuddle me when I allow them too.


I am getting a little bored of writing and there are far better ways I could be spending my time, I have been hinting the past few days that I would like my humans to put a fire on in the evenings and it looks like they have finally cottoned on and started making one so I will leave this guest post thing here.

I am sure you will want to hear from me again  so I will make sure Georgia arranges that.

Well good day to you readers.





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