May Goals

I don’t know about you but I personally love to set goals, there is something so comforting when you write down everything that you want to get done and then tick them off once you have achieved them.

I the activity far more enjoyable and rewarding when it is something I have planned, I have broken my goals up into smaller categories to help break down the overwhelming feeling you can get when met with a larger list.

Blog Goals:

  • This month I would like to blog everyday which I will do with the help of my #31blogpostsin31days challenge, if you are interested check it out HERE.

Health Goals:

  • This month I would like cook all but 1 meal a week, we rely too much on takeaway and going out for dinner which is not good for the waist line or the bank balance.

Fitness Goals:

  • I have recently started a new fitness routine which is not that hard to maintain, I would really like to complete the 4 day a week workout which fit into my schedule fairly easily.

Lifestyle Goals:

  • This month I would like to start each day and end each day with a positive affirmation, just a few words or a short sentence to start and finish my day the right way.

Art Goals:

  • This month I plan on catching up on some of my missed art classes, I would also like to start sharing my art more on this blog but I am still a little scared.

Other Goals:

  • I would like to limit the amount of time I am playing games or watching TV and netflix, I haven’t been reading as much as I used to and I want to change things around so that the majority of my spare time is spent reading to watching.


Well there you have my goals for May, this is also my first post for #31blogpostsin31days, I hope at the end of the month I will have a blog with consistent posts.

Do you set a list of goals or idea’s each month?

Have you joined the #31blogpostsin31days?

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