31 blog posts in 31 days

I love starting the month off with a instagram/blog challenge, there is something so fun, fresh and motivating about these types of challenges.

I have been thinking about starting one recently and holey smokes May is just starting so why not create one today.

(Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month btw).

My blog has been lacking consistency lately so I figured I would create a blog challenge to focus on that. Without further adew I give you the 31 blog posts in 31 days challenge (#31blogpostsin31days), rather than create a month specific blog challenge I have created a challenge that can be done any month throughout the year, that way if you hit the bloggers wall you can just whip out this baby and breeze right through that bad boy.

To join in all I ask is that you post the button to your page and send me a message so I can follow along on your journey.

Below are the daily prompts for each day, I hope you enjoy this challenge if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

1st – Monthly goals / Monthly To do list

2nd – Your fashion lust list for the current season.

3rd – Interview with a vampire pet

4th – Everyday makeup routine with gracious selfie of course

5th – Five items that you cannot live without

6th – Travel advice for people visiting your area

7th – A day in your life photo journey

8th – Everyday skin care routine

9th – A “secret” family recipe

10th – What you have learnt from blogging

11th – What is in your handbag

12th – A letter to your younger self

13th – 13 unlucky for some, list 13 unlucky or embarrassing stories

14th – Your favourite apps or games on your phone or ipad

15th – Farmer’s Market recipe

16th – Dream destinations

17th – Date night idea’s

18th – Where do you see yourself in 5 years

19th – Seasonable DIY

20th – How you met your partner

21st – A list of your favourite bloggers and why you like them

22nd – Home Decor

23rd – Top 5 Beauty products

24th – Quick and easy breakfast options

25th – What’s in your coffee/tea cup?

26th – 5 songs you just cant stop listening too

27th – Pet peeves

28th – What is your favourite weekend escape?

29th – Blogging essentials

30th – Confessions

31st – Did you achieve your monthly goals?

Well there you have the basis for #31blogpostsin31days feel free to link me on instagram if you are posting images for your blog posts or message me when you begin your challenge so I can comment and give you some motivation.

There is obviously no rules to this challenge and feel free to change some days around, switch out post idea’s and post more than once a day if you feel the need. This list is just here to help inspire you blogging brain.

Are you going to give this challenge a try?

Do you have a blogging challenge you think I should try.

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