Veggie Dreams

I love being a vegan, it has given me a quirky obsession with food……

I am talking dreaming about veggies obsessed.

Dylan and I recently re ordered our Vegetable garden and I am hoping that soon enough I can post recipe with my home grown veggies but for now here a few of my favourite veggies that feature heavily in my dreams.

Sweet Potato


Doesn’t the sight of them just make you feel loved, they are my honest to god favourite food in the world. They are super duper easy to prepare, I often steam them in the microwave and eat them whole on their own for lunch at work.

Fun Facts: Sweet Potato isn’t actually a type of potato, they are stem tubers and are one of the oldest vegetables know to man, even dinosaur’s ate them in prehistoric times.



I know that avocado can be demonized for its healthy fats in the HCLF world but I find it very hard not to occasionally indulge myself with a large slathering of avocado on toast. the worst part I find is hitting the ripe window, I always find myself waiting and waiting for a avocado to ripen and then when I think it is almost there I will wait another day and BAM its overripe and had those horrible black marks through out.

Fun Facts: The avocado is actually classified in the flowering plant family and is part of the berry family. The fruit ripens quicker when placed beside an apple or banana.



My husband doesn’t know this but one of the main selling points for me on our house where the amazing cauliflowers grown in the vegetable garden, I had never seen such large cauliflowers and I really wanted to be able to grow my own so I pushed him to buy the house.

Fun Facts: Cauliflower aids in helping proper fetal development and detoxifies the body by activating enzymes in the liver. Cauliflower also preserves eye health who knew!



Zucchini is one of my all time favourites, it is super versatile and is perfect for raw cooking (not that I do that much but occasionally I like a raw pasta). I am working on a stuffed Zucchini flower recipe for the blog that I cannot wait to unveil.

Fun Facts: Zucchini gives your hair and teeth a boost with plenty of vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium. Zucchini also provides plenty of bone forming phosphorus and also beta carotene that helps protect the eye.



I often have blueberries in some form or another for breakfast whether it be with oats, in a smoothie or in pancakes on the weekend if I feel like a treat. In summer I can waste plenty of money just buying punnets of fresh blueberries and eating them by the dozen.

Fun Facts: Blueberries are high in both vitamin C and fibre, they are also equally as nutritious are six months frozen as they are eaten fresh.

So if you ever just randomly pop over to my house you can be assured that I will have at least the above ingredients to feed you with.

What are your veggie dreams?

Do you have a few suggestions for mine?





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