The Vegan Box – March

I signed up to The Vegan Box recently to discover fun and tasty vegan snacks, this monthly subscription box is great because I can test a whole bunch of different snacks that I wouldn’t be exposed too and if I find anything I fall in love with I then have the companies information.

The monthly box contains  5 to 8 products, snacks, superfood or skincare, ranging in sizes from full, sample and travel sized items. All items are vegan and 100% Palm Oil Free and will only set you back $26.95 per month plus $3.95 shipping to Australia and is completely worth it.


I have a confession, I wanted to “try” everything with my sister and we pretty much ended up eating the whole box tonight whoops! I will be dreaming about the assorted jelly cubes  and coconut cacao tea for weeks to come.

// The Husk Mill Cacao Tea Blend //

50 grams / Half Sized / Valued at $13.00

“A delicate tea that is entirely natural and preservative free, using Australian grown cacao husks. Theses beautiful cacao teas contain theobromine, which is caffeine free and gives a longer pick-me-u[ and mood boost by releasing your body’s endorphins. Not only does it make you feel good, it tastes delicious and is full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

IMG_1303 This tea is life, it is one of the most amazing tea’s I have ever had! Recently I gave up full caffeine and have been drinking decaf lattes and trying to find herbal tea’s that don’t contain caffeine and I am pretty sure this tea will fill that spot that caffeine has left in my life.

This tea is sweet and creamy with a real chocolate flavour without being to heavy like a hot chocolate. The Theobromine really gives you a pick me up which I haven’t felt before without caffeine.

I am looking forward to trying all the different tea options that The Husk Mill offer and would recommend this tea to just about everyone on earth.


5 out of 5 stars


// The Red Balloon Assorted Jelly Cubes //

130 grams / Full Size // Valued at $6.50

“A bag full of surprises! There’s a whole lot of flavour in these little fruit jellies and we think it’s the perfect mix. Flavours include Raspberry, Lemon Tart, Watermelon, Snarzberry, America Cola, Strawberry & Cream to name just a few. These candy artisans have mastered the art of Pectin, a gelling agent found in fruits, to give these cubes their jelly texture, without the need for gelatine! They are also gluten free and nut free.”


These jellies are just about the best lollies I have eaten since becoming vegan, my sister and I demolished the whole package in around 10 minutes and we where trying our best to savour them. They are incredibly addicted and the flavours are super cute, I loved the Strawberry & Cream and the Snarzberry’s the most.

I have decided that these will be my go to birthday and Christmas present suggestions, when my family and friends are struggling to buy me gifts I will just send them straight to The Red Balloon website.

If you miss super sweet jelly lollies I suggest these bad boys they are pretty much the best vegan discovery I have had since becoming vegan.

5 out of 5 stars

// Sea Shanti Salt & Vinegar Sea Crisps //

10 grams / Full Size / Valued at $ 4.95

“The crisps are bursting with taste and goodness, and are utterly impossible to resist. Seaweed is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, making this not only a great tasting snack, but one that is also naturally healthy for you! Sea Shanti products are created with the finest quality ingredients and have no added chemicals or preservatives.”


I was really excited about these sea crisps, I was hoping they would be similar to some rice crackers dusted with seaweed however these where large sheets of dried seaweed dusted with salt and vinegar.

I took a large bite and pretty instantly regretted it, the seaweed was extremely fishy and the salt and vinegar flavour was very sour. I like seaweed in sushi but I am not a big fan of it on its own.

Unfortunately I will not be buying these chips again they just weren’t for me.

1 out of 1 star

// Food to Nourish Luscious Lemon Bliss Ball //

45 grams / Full Size // Valued at $3.95

“One of the best bliss balls we’ve snacked on! Organic Inca-berries pack a big flavour punch and give these tart and zesty lemon flavour, and activated nuts make these bliss balls extra special. The nuts are soaked for up to 12 hours and dehydrated for 48 hours, this begins the activation process and making it more digestible.”


Wow just wow this bliss ball was the best bliss ball I have ever tasted and I have tasted plenty! It was extremely lemony and coconutty, it tasted like I had just made it myself it was that fresh and soft.  I will be ordering the 10 pack mixed balls to try all the flavours very soon, the Food to Nourish website also provides a bunch of different recipes so I will be giving some of the bliss ball recipes a go soon and I suggest you should too.

I would recommend these bliss balls to just about anyone however word of warning these are utterly delicious and you will need some self control. I have a feeling I will need to ask Dylan to hide them from me so I don’t eat the whole mixed pack in 10 minutes.

5 out of 5 stars


// Fine Fettle Sweet Corn & Paprika Flats //

18 grams / 1 Fifth Size / Valued at $2.75

“A tasty, wholesome snack, made from real vegetables – squished flat and then dried (not fried) to help preserve the goodness and concentrate the natural yummy flavours. Enjoy with dip or cashew cheese, Yum!”


These flats are delightful, I could snack on these everyday. The sweet corn and paprika are really delicious and pack a pretty flavourful punch. The Fine Fettle website has a range of different flats, flecks (trail mix) and fruits with a range of different flavour concoctions. The flats are thankfully packaged in portion controlled sizes which for someone like me is perfect as I could spend the whole day snacking on something like this.

I look forward to trying a bunch of different flavours and would recommend this to everyone, my picky non vegan husband even loved them but I won’t be letting him know when I buy a selection of flats as I don’t want to share.

5 out of 5 stars

// Bananinha Banana & Coconut Bar //

30 grams / Full Size / $2.20

“Banana, coconut and line juice – that’s all! Made from sun ripened Nanica banana, which is the sweetest of the seven types of banana grown in Brazil, and also has the most potassium of any banana. No added sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.”


The Bananinha bar was a odd flavour and texture, it was a dark brown almost black bar which tasted almost artificially sweet. I did enjoy the bar but it certainly wasn’t my favourite nor my second favourite item from this months box.

I would suggest these bars to anyone who loves banana’s and anyone with children, it is a sweet treat that I could easily see slide into a lunch box.

3 out of 5 stars


Well there you have it my March Vegan Box, I will be ordering a few of the items from their websites and look forward to next months box. I certainly would not have tried many of these items straight off a shelf and I am glad the Vegan Box makes searching for new treats super easy.

Do you subscribe to The Vegan Box?

Have you tried any of these products, what are your thoughts?

Do you have any products I should try?





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