Confessions Part I


I love a good mid week link up, it is great to meet new bloggers and also gives you something fun to occupy your mid week boredom, it also helps to switch up you blog and change pace a little.


Today I am link up with one of my all time favourite bloggers Caitlin from Confessions of a Northern Belle, I have been following her for years now and she just announced she is pregnant with her 2nd baby how exciting for her, everyone is having Babies but me gosh I am jealous (see post  Still Not Pregnant), head on over and check her blog out and join up to her Wednesday I Confess link up.

Side Note: I hear the word confession and all I think about is Ushers Confessions songs, hence the title.

// One // I confess……

I gave Chocolate up for lent and I am already realising what a horrible mistake I made! I honestly go through a bag of dark chocolate drops once a week, I keep telling myself it’s only a couple of weeks lets hope I can hold out. On the downside my birthday is the 2nd last day of lent so I guess no chocolate cake.


// Two // I confess……

I never make our bed in the mornings, I know it is such a incredibly bad habit to be in but the bed is so big and my arms are so short I just struggle. I am also super lazy in the morning and like to sleep in till the last possible moment which means that even if I wanted to make my bed I am too busy running out the house to get to work that I just don’t have time.

// Three // I confess…..

I am super proud of my blog photos at the moment, I feel like I am gloating but I am just incredibly impressed with my new camera. I got if for Christmas and it has to be one of my all time favourite Christmas gifts, it takes the perfect up close photos which I am all about.


// Four // I confess…..

We have only taken our Kayaks out once since we got them in January, I feel incredibly guilty but every time we schedule a day to go out the weather is incredibly bad and I am so exhausted when I get home from work the last thing I really feel like doing is going kayaking. I am hoping to take them out again a few more times before autumn starts coming through.

// Five // I confess….

We are adopting a puppy, I have kept quiet about this because I have struggled with this decision. We lost are beautiful baby Ziggy last year, she tore her acl and we just could not afford the surgery, we did everything we could and hoped it might heal on its own but it didn’t and I was just prolonging her pain. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and is one of the reasons I stopped blogging at the end of last year.

Saffron and Harley have had a harm time coming to grips with her disappearance, Saffron is 9 years old this year and Harley turns 3 this year so he really is just still a little puppy and needs someone to run around with as Saffron just doesn’t have the same level of energy he has and she is starting to get slightly grumpy when he harasses her to play all the time.

I immediately knew that if we where to get another dog it would have to be a large breed to cope with Harley’s large size and it would have to be a rescue. I have been contacting shelters all across Australia trying to find the right dog for us. I finally stumbled across Clyde a Great Dane Cross living interstate at a foster home. He is already 4 months old and has grown up around large and small breeds and children which is really what I was looking for. Dylan and I have been in contact with the foster home and dog rescue company for awhile now ensuring that he is the right dog for us.

We where officially approved today and Dylan has already paid for him we just need to wait for the flight to be organised and he should be here soon. I am glad that Harley and Saffron have a new friend and that we will be saving this little baby but I still struggle with guilt for Ziggy, I could never replace her and I will miss her for the rest of my life, I hope that seeing all 3 dogs together happy will help to heal the whole in my heart.


That is all for my confessions today, I suggest you link up as it really is quite therapeutic to get these thoughts off my chest. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday.



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