Valentine’s Day

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!

Dylan and I have a nice, low key day planned as Dylan doesn’t really believe in Valentine’s Day, still I got him a card and spent a couple of hours writing down how I feel and how much he means to me.

I don’t often write hand written notes to Dylan so I like to go out of my way to write to him on special occasions, I hope that one day when we older we can pull out these cards and remember what our lives where like at that stage and how we felt for each other.

We are planning on heading down to the Port Elliot Bakery, Dylan raves on and on about this place and they now do Vegan Pasties so we will drive down there and then hopefully sit on the rocks at the bay and watch the waves and the storm roll in.

That’s about as romantic as our day is going to get, I was considering making some vegan friendly french toast for us for breakfast and heading out on a kayaking picnic but the weather is looking pretty nasty and I forgot to go shopping, I think I will need to lift my game next year for Valentine’s.

Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful day, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s day of Galentine’s day I hope you day is full of love!





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