2016 Monthly Book Club

Are we all ready and rearing for another year of book club??

The first rule of Book Club……………

You DO talk about Book Club.

To join up its pretty simple, I have created a list of books which we will read through out each month. I have included 2 books a month but it is completely up to you whether you read both books or just choose one. One book will be a quicker shorter read whilst the other one will be a longer more involved book, I also have tried to list a must read book and a newly released book each month.

The last Tuesday of each month I will create a post with a few questions about each book along with my thoughts and reviews, there will be a link up at the bottom of each month’s post so that you can link your review and post your answers to the questions. Please also include the book club button on your post too.

If you fall behind and read a book a month later that is fine as I will leave the link ups open just ensure you don’t skip ahead a month or too or there will be no questions as I will be reading them each month just as you are.

Through out the month if you have any questions or wish to discuss the book further with me please feel free to email me.

So let’s have a look at this years reading material shall we:













Well there you have our reading list for the year, do you have any suggestions?

Have you already read some of the books listed?

Looking forward to discovering these books this year with everyone.



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