Good Bye 2015


It is fairly clear to any of my non existent readers that I have taken a little breather from blogging. I would love to write that there was some giant cataclysmic event that pulled me away from the key board but alas it was just life that got in the way.

It is interesting how sometimes we really needed to just completely give in to ourselves and allow certain things to fall by the way side just so that we can keep on moving forward. Unfortunately for me Blogging was the big ticket item that was pushed to the side.

The end of 2015 has bought a flood of emotions for me, at the beginning of the year I was envisioning perhaps celebrating Christmas with a new baby or at the very least being pregnant. Unfortunately that was not to be and this has taught me to be more patient, unwind and not to place so much pressure on timed goals. I have noticed that I need to stop looking towards things and enjoy the moments as they pass.

I rediscovered my passion for cooking, there is something so incredibly freeing and exhilarating when you start with a base ingredients and know that nothing had to die for you to create something but know that what you are creating will taste just as good if not better than if an animal had to suffer for it.

I hope 2016 brings life, love and positivity to everyone. I am focusing on myself this year, channelling all my energy into a positive and productive year through, cooking, art, yoga, exercise, meditation and affirmations.

Happy New Year!



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