Liam Hemsworth is Vegan

In case you weren’t aware Liam Hemsworth recently announced he was vegan in a interview with Men’s Health Magazine. I think the vegan community world over let out a collective O M G ! ! !

I personally was thrilled for 2 reasons:

Firstly let’s be honest he is super duper good looking and the fact that he is now vegan just makes him far sexier, a man loves animals and the environment and isn’t afraid to make a stance on something so controversial is pretty alright in my books.

Secondly the reach that he has as a young, good looking, male celebrity is second to none. Tabloids eat this stuff for breakfast which means people that would never consider going vegan see a celebrity they wish to emanate speaking up about veganism and continuing to maintain a enviable body type are exposed to the positivity of veganism.

And yet I was still concerned at the same time:

The downside of the recent celebrity fixation can be seen simply by typing #vegan into instagram, it is consider one of the cool weight loss fads at the moment and with any weight loss fad there are people not following it and having negative results which cause others to highlight the supposed dangers of veganism. Beyonce and her vegan meal plan has received all sorts of backlash and is a prime example.

Of course all of that is rubbish and if people who came to veganism in hopes of helping to reduce their weight began to do some research and become educated in the horrors of the meat and dairy industry then they would most likely continue to be vegan despite what so called health experts are saying.

So in the end its wonderful that Liam Hemsworth is now vegan and if he can convert just one person to veganism he is doing a service. Whatever path leads you to veganism it doesn’t matter whether it be celebrity culture, weight loss, health, environmental or ethical do the research and remember all that matters is the fact that you are making a stand by choosing not to consume animals.



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